A For-Profit Social Enterprise & Impact Model

SESA Community Ecosystem is a social impact environment, defined by 3 specific capability building objectives, serving a primary social impact purpose over 3 continets.

It is owned & operated by SESA Community Limited (registered in England & Wales 11372206), a for profit social enterprise. 

The For-Profit Social Enterprise Is The Impact Model Of The Future

Contrary to popular belief, profitability and positive social impact are not mutually exclusive. It is, in fact, possible to build a successful company and do good.

A “for-profit social enterprise” embeds a clear social impact mission directly into its business model. Doing good is the core of the business, not just something that happens along the way. For a social enterprise, growth is a means to greater impact.

We believe the for-profit social enterprise model is the social impact model for the future: 

     1. A for-profit social enterprise is more sustainable and creates a profitable business – as a model, you control your own density.
     2. A for-profit social enterprise can scale, the incentives of the company are crafted to encompass greater impact which directly correlates to a profit.
     3. Social enterprises have an advantage in collaborating across sectors, forging alliances and partnerships with organisations whose values and goals align with their own.

Social enterprises don’t happen accidentally… They require planning and commitment.