International collaboration provides an enviable support team over 3 continents!

In-house and external teams oversee our comprehensive learning & development process and quality assurance, they facilitate capability building activities digitally and locally, and even build and sustain our membership.
“As a social entrepreneur and the Founder of the SESA Community, I wanted to focus upon large-scale, tangible social impact through Community Alliances with public, non-profit and private sectors. 
With a collaborative approach, sharing ideas, resources and teams, we build capability which is changing lives and ultimately strengthening families… that’s what makes all this worthwhile.”

Jay Baughan, Founder of the SESA Community

Learning & Development, Quality Assurance and Accreditation

Aled Owen
Director of Operations and Logistics

Aled leads physical operations and logistics which support outreach learning & development teams on-the-ground across our 3 continents.

Aled previously served in the British Army for 22 years in which he attained the rank of Warrant Officer Class 2. Upon retirement, he spent 12 years working private security in hostile and dangerous environments.

Paul Davies
Director of Learning & Development

Paul leads all areas of learning & development across the SESA Community, overseeing qualifications, assessments and quality assurance.

Paul has spent over three decades in the field of learning & development across the world; holding senior military leadership and special advisory roles, before moving to civilian consulting roles within governments in the Middle East.

We forged a partnership with USA organisation TEI in 2015, bringing 30+ years of Social Emotional Learning experience from their Founder and CEO David Levine. TEI has been instrumental in shaping the capability building resources and digital support now available for members of our #sesaEducation community

TEI is a Tides Foundation funded non-profit organisation dedicated to Social Emotional Learning transformation within the USA education sector. It provides science and field-tested training and and practical methodology, through a unique blend of localised and digital training for teachers, support staff and leadership.


We forged a partnership with RocheMartin in 2012, bringing the SESA Community internationally respected expertise and resources in the field of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). They have been instrumental in shaping the Emotional Capital in Young People research.

RocheMartin is a respected international provider of EQ products, training and services designed specifically for leadership development and personal wellbeing within the corporate sector. Founders Dr Martyn Newman and Judy Purse, bring together a wealth of expertise in human resources, organisational culture, psychometric excellence and corporate psychology.

We forged a partnership with USA-based expert Jim Sporleder in 2018, bringing his unique #TraumaInformed capability building resources and digital support to members within our #sesaYouth and #sesaEducation communities. 

Jim retired in 2014 as Principal of Lincoln High School in Walla Walla, WA – the trauma informed school which gained world attention due to a dramatic drop in out of school suspensions, increased graduation rates and the number of students going on to post-secondary education. Jim is an in-demand expert, speaker, trainer, published author and teamed-up with Sundance Festival film-maker James Redford, in creating the acclaimed film documentary, Paper Tigers.

We forged a partnership with Beyond Consequences Institute in 2019, bringing their world-renowned trauma-informed approach and resources to members of our #sesaYouth and #sesaEducation communities.

Created by Heather Forbes, BCI is a US organisation which offers a groundbreaking approach to help even the most difficult children find the stability they need to thrive. Based on neuro-scientific research on emotions and behavior, their model provides a simple yet powerful way to help children with severe behavior issues—both at home and in the classroom – shown over and over to transform families after years of “trying everything and nothing worked.”

We forged a partnership with The Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL) in 2018, to provide SESA Community members with an independent and rigorous quality assured and accredited learning & development experience

ITOL is the UK’s elite professional body for coaches, trainers and L&D Professionals. In the year 2000 the UK government granted ‘Institute’ status and since that time ITOL has become recognised globally as the premier organisation for everyone involved in the world of learning and education. Internationally, their expertise and research provides support for L&D professionals, educators and agencies to establish robust and tangible approaches to skills development.

Membership Development & Sustainability

Since 2012, Pluggedin has evolved to become the most innovative community building and sustainability process of its kind.

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Ramma Thakkar, Director of Community Development

Ramma leads Pluggedin internationally, a dedicated team builds and sustains the SESA Community over 3 continents: cultivating a growing membership through Alliances with the public, third and private sectors; and creating capability building Campaigns where membership is sponsorship through Angel Philanthropy and Brand Marketing partnerships.

Sanjana Bhardwaj, Director of Child Safety & Development

Sanjana plays a fundamental role within the Community’s leadership, focusing upon the development of strategy and partnerships with ministries and overseas aid agencies; in the support of Child Safety & Development through education and youth work.

A social worker and an educator with three decades of working experience in the field of sustainable development, Sanjana has focused on social protection needs of vulnerable population groups across Asia. She has provided strategic advisory services to policy makers and planners in government, non-government and UN agencies on child protection, disability inclusion and gender based violence issues.