We spent years building, testing and establishing the infrastructure and process to create the SESA Community Ecosystem!

A 10-Year Mission

By 2028, the SESA Community will have supported tens of thousands of members, within countries across Africa, Asia and Europe to establish a powerful new capability. 
It will have established a core of multi-disciplinary capability deep within education and youth work, able to build child and youth competencies for Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience.
Social Emotional Research within the Community will have clearly identified the evolution self-awareness and the social emotional competencies for youth emotional resilience.
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Our Mission

Meet Our Founder

The driving force behind the creation and roll-out of the SESA Community, is social entrepreneur Jay Baughan.
As far back as 2008, Jay recognised the need to equip communities for Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience – indirectly through education and youth work, and directly through facilitated self-development. It was his view, that in doing so, this would help countries address growing issues with anxiety and mental ill-health, youth disengagement and family break-ups. 
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Our Founder