We spent 11 years building, testing and establishing the SESA Community Ecosystem…

A 10-Year Mission

By 2029, the SESA Community will have supported tens of thousands of members across Africa, Asia and Europe to establish the practical capability for Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience. 

Within countries, our alliances will have have positioned a significant multi-disciplinary provision within education and youth work; proficient in building child and youth capability for Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Our dedicated Social Emotional Research activity within the Community, will have clearly identified the evolution self-awareness and the social emotional competencies for youth emotional resilience, and the social impact within countries.

Meet Our Founder

The founder and driving force behind the SESA Community Ecosystem, is social entrepreneur Jay Baughan.

As far back as 2008, Jay recognised the need to equip individuals for Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience. Whilst supporting capability building in Africa, Jay saw the value to countries, from establishing professional capability within education and youth work, and providing self-development support deep within society. By creating the environment, resources and support, Jay saw how he could help significantly address growing issues with anxiety and mental ill-health. 

Our Founder