We spent 4 years developing PluggedIN as the way for brands to connect their sales with ongoing social value inside our SESA Community.

This is a dramatic switch from tick-box CSR, allowing brands to plug-into ongoing social value which directly influences customer attraction, retention and loyalty.
WHAM Sponsorship Marketing specifically helps businesses drive their sales hand-in-hand with creating powerful, emotion-linked brand awareness; specifically targeted marketing which has a dramatic influence on community hearts and minds.

Boost Sales Through Social Value

Driving your sales goes hand-in-hand with brand awareness, which is why sponsorship marketing should be geared toward driving your sales. You can seamlessly link your brand to the process of building measurable social value – which resonates with hearts and minds.
We connect with brands across Africa, Asia and Europe to offer them a clear way to connect their sales and marketing with social value, through targeted sponsorship marketing campaigns.
Campaigns provide a 3-tier access for brands, making social-value instantly recognisable to procurement teams, consumers/customers and investors.

Social Value Campaigns: Sponsorship Marketing

Our social value campaigns are purpose designed to provide sponsorship marketing which drive sales hand-in-hand with brand awareness; creating an extremely potent promotional tool.
Brands connect into a social value campaign of their choice, choosing how their brand is positioned. This can be a Bronze, Silver of Gold sponsor, right up to principal campaign sponsor.

We welcome contact in relation to WHAM Sponsorship.

You can drive your sales hand-in-hand with building a powerful brand awareness.

WHAM sponsorship marketing is an extremely potent promotional tool, also linked to tangible social value.

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