Community education can become the national resource for the greatest social impact!

For generations, education has been the trusted source of support for children – and their families. Education settings are found in the remotest of locations, collectively they represent the trusted centres within a country, to prepare its children socially and emotionally for the rigors ahead.

Since 2016, Education Alliances have been our core focus in order to reach educators within countries, to help them transform their provision and support a clearly defined social impact.

Education Alliances provide our membership, and collaborate for social impact!

In 2016 we forged our first Education Community Alliance in the United Arab Emirates, which connected the International and Government education community into our support, to enhance provision of Child Emotional Safety & Development.

Today, we forge Education Alliances with settings/networks to reach-into countries to establish a specific professional capability deep within community education networks – from Early Years up to Secondary/High School provision.

How the Community Alliance process works…

Understand & Align

Both parties understand each other’s core objectives and align under a professional capability building intent, with a clear impact objective.  

Sign an Alliance

By signing-up to a Community Alliance, each party is committed to supporting the other to build professional capability and make the desired impact.

Welcome Members

The Community Alliance is then launched within the setting/network, welcoming new members into our sesaEducation professional development Community.

Through Alliances, we’re creating the world’s largest professional development community…

Click on the globes below to see how we grow educator membership inside countries – Alliances provide a continual process which connects educators into our dedicated sesaEducation community: