ResilientMe (Blue Light) is a collaborative social value initiative, collective sponsorship supports over 310,000 police & emergency services families! 

Sponsors serve genuine business goals too…

We connect the private sector into the initiative, as social value sponsors within a unique Social Value Register. This positions sponsors digitally with procurement teams and families, within the workplace and through regional TV media activities and at key conferences. Sponsorship offers a unique social value profile and enviable visibility where it counts.

Social Value within an exclusive Register…

The Register centrally lists Social Value Sponsors by their Bronze, Silver or Gold status. It connects them to blue light families and the capability building support they receive within the ResilientMe (Blue Light) community.

UK police & emergency services procurement teams have real-time access to the Register, where Universal Analytics provide the validation of family social value within ongoing self-development activities.

Engagement metrics and the measurement of assessed competency development, then align with THREE recognised social value calculation frameworks:


National TOMs Framework – Social

Anonymised evidence of the collective family capability development in relation to a Healthier, Safer and more Resilient blue light family community.

Social Return on Investment (SROI) – Sickness & Absence

Anonymised evidence of collective employee capability building in relation to self-management of wellbeing and psychological safety to reduce sickness & absence.

10% of Sponsorship Donated – Support for Blue Light Charities

At source, the initiative donates 10% of all sponsorship collected and donates this to collaborating police & emergency services charities – providing sponsors with a wider social value statement. 

The Social Value Register

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Social value managers, sales teams and brand marketing leaders can connect-into this collaborative social value initiative!

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