Community Alliances grow our membership, and make a collaborative social impact!

In 2012 we forged our first Community Alliance in Nigeria, which connected the Federal Government into our support, to enhance youth reintegration within their Presidential Niger Delta Youth Amnesty Program.

We replicated this process, it now sits central to our membership Sustainability  in Africa, Asia and Europe – we forge Community Alliances to establish collaborative capability building links with public, private and third sectors.

Each Alliance is bespoke, providing unique access to the SESA Community Ecosystem. Together, we build tangible capability and transform Emotional Safety & Resilience within cities & villages, schools, universities and social projects.

How the Community Alliance process works…

Understand & Align

Both parties must understand each other’s core objectives and then align under a strategy that will deliver measurable social impact through a Community Alliance. 

Sign an Alliance

By signing-up to a Community Alliance, each party is committed to supporting the other to make a social impact within a country – designing/joining a capability building Campaign.

Welcome Members

The Community Alliance is then launched with a dedicated Campaign and objective, welcoming professional groups, adolescents, young people and adults into our Community.

Do you want to form an Alliance with us?

Contact us

We design & launch bespoke capability building Campaigns for our Community Alliances!

Capability building within a country always serves a purpose, from the transformation of education and youth work provision, to directly empowering individuals, groups and communities. Campaigns are anchored in learning & development and impact measured by Social Emotional Research.