Tens of millions of young people globally have lived with/are living with considerable and prolonged toxic stress at home…

20-years of research confirms that toxic stress from sustained domestic/social adversity can disrupt brain development and compromise functioning of the nervous and immune systems.

Millions of children and young people experience un-managed toxic stress across the world, which will lead to serious social and health issues such as: alcoholism, depression, eating disorders, unsafe sex, HIV/AIDS, heart disease, cancer, and other chronic diseases.

Our sustainability is based on the SDGs and the Principles of the UN Compact…

We believe in the interconnectedness of environmental and societal policies, and activities to go beyond a “do no harm” approach.

Having a sustainable approach means we have policies in place that promote and effectively implement the principles of non-discrimination, accountability, participation, and broad respect for individuals and groups in societies, for their safety and livelihoods all while promoting a more equitable future and greater environmental responsibility which in turn leads to economic success and longevity.

We forge public and third sector Alliances deep inside countries, which enable us to reach and connect educators, youth workers, parents and young people into our Ecosystem.

Public Sector Alliances

Since 2013, we have focused upon forging collaborations with public sector inside countries to reach, and build capability deep within their communities.

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Third Sector Alliances

Since 2012 we have been forging impact collaborations with NGOs and Foundations which helps to build capability deep within their countries.

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Education Alliances

Since 2008, we have been collaborating within community education networks helping them establish new capability and support staff and students.

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With approximately $3trillion per year funding gap in SDG financing, the SESA Community is leading the way.

A Profit for Purpose Social Enterprise, we deploy an entrepreneurial approach with social investment led by traditional venture capital to reach scale by geographic region. Sustainability is underpinned by a growing social capital spectrum encompassing Impact Bonds, Philanthropies, Venture and Impact Investment. Our part in closing the financing gap in achieving SDG3

Social Investment

Across geographies we develop a long-term sustainability approach by connecting Venture Philanthropy, Social Impact Bonds and Impact Investment into validated social impact. 

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Social Impact Register

Our unique Register connects the private sector into geographic social impact – seamlessly providing brand ROI from cause marketing and validated social value linked to bettering society.

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Policy Makers

From 2021, our partnerships with International Aid & Development Agencies will help them transform existing educational and youth development provision across countries.

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Latest Updates…

ESG Investing…

Jon Kinnell, our Chief Sustainability Officer, interviews ESG Investing expert and Managing Partner of BST-Impact Kristina Touzenis.

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Impact not Outcomes…

We’ve turned away from the traditional outcomes measurement approach, to focus upon multi-faceted social impact measurement

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The Social Impact Register…

Our new social investment partner PluggIn, uniquely connects private sector sponsorship our Ecosystem for social impact.

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Developing Tax Relief…

Changing our legal status to a profit for purpose Social Enterprise, allows us to develop social investment tax relief schemes

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