We’re focused upon establishing good health & wellbeing!

Over 20-years of research is telling us how considerable and prolonged stress in childhood is creating serious long-term health and wellbeing consequences for children and young people across the world.

By positioning vital capability deep within community education and youth work provision, and enhancing parental capability we are empowering communities to improve child brain development and protect nervous and immune systems.

Communities can then address the root causes of serious problems such as: alcoholism, depression, eating disorders, unsafe sex, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence and abuse, as well as heart disease, cancer, and other chronic diseases.

Impact alliances grow our membership and drive capability building…

We forge Community Alliances deep inside countries, enabling us to reach and connect-in educators, youth workers, parents, young people and adolescents to our Ecosystem.

Public Sector Alliances

Since 2013, we have focused upon forging collaborations with public sector inside countries to reach, and build capability deep within their communities.

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Third Sector Alliances

Since 2012 we have been forging impact collaborations with NGOs and Foundations which helps to build capability deep within their countries.

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Education Alliances

Since 2008, we have been collaborating within community education networks helping them establish new capability and support staff and students.

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Investment partnerships underpin mass capability building and research…

We partner with social funders to drive large-scale capability building within the Ecosystem; transforming education and youth worker provision, and facilitating mass self-development for personal emotional safety & resilience deep within countries.

Impact Partnerships

We develop a high-engagement and long-term approach with social funders, partnering as the social purpose organisation (SPO) to help them maximise their social impact.

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Social Value Partnerships

Our Social Value Register connects brands into high-profile capability building – seamlessly blending cause marketing with official social value while bettering society.

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Strategic Partnerships

We develop partnerships with International Aid & Development Agencies to strategically establish vital educational and youth development capability deep within countries.

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Measuring the social impact is a continuous and rigorous process…

Embedded-into all capability building is a dedicated research operation which builds a comprehensive social impact picture:

Interpretative phenomenological analysis providing Qualitative research into individuals and given local contexts, and Emotional Capital benchmarking provides Quantitative research into the individual development of specific social emotional competencies.

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