Within the UK & Ireland, the Social Impact Register is transforming how public procurement defines and measures supplier social impact!

Rather than suppliers producing their own reports on the social value they deliver within a county, the Social Impact Register provides counties with a single structure for FOUR areas of social impact, transparent point of reference from which a county assesses the contributions from all suppliers.  


The Pledge

The County Social Impact Pledge connects local government, public sector bodies, healthcare, education and academia together in channelling supplier social value within a structure of FOUR defined social impact areas. 


The Suppliers

Suppliers deliver their contractual social value within a formalised structure of FOUR defined impact areas, an unambiguous way for the county to pinpoint tangible social value within tax payer funded contracts. 


The Operators

Contractual social value is channelled into activities provided by community charities, foundations, volunteer groups and front-line public services within a county, measurable against FOUR defined impact areas. 

A listing on the Social Impact Register positions all suppliers, and their social impact centrally within a county…

Within all counties of the UK & Ireland, suppliers join a formalised and strategic social impact infrastructure, which centrally recognises and presents their social impact history within clear, and strategically defined geographic objectives. 

Suppliers become a county’s official Social Impact Sponsors, uniquely connecting into the communities whilst benefitting from a new type of membership…

Digital Presence

A single digital environment connects all county stakeholders with registered suppliers, to present ongoing social impact activities and enable procurement teams to reference suppliers within real-time.

Impact Assessed

Supplier social impact is measured and recognised by the county, set against FOUR standard impact areas and the amount of social impact sponsorship provided.

Supplier Statements 

The Social Impact Register provides independently validated supplier social impact statements, removing ambiguity and standardising supplier reporting of social impact for a county.

Reduced Costs 

Centralised statementing of social impact helps suppliers remove their costs associated to managing contracts and calculating, then reporting their social value delivered. 

Brand Visibility

The Social Impact Register uniquely positions supplier brands within a county, directly to procurement teams and out into local and social media, as well as through community activity, schools, further and higher education. 

Local Partnerships 

Suppliers connect seamlessly with public and third sector operators inside counties, forming unique social impact partnerships which are grounded-in FOUR areas which sit central to the hearts and minds of communities.

Supplier Membership

It costs just £1,500 +vat a year for suppliers to join.

Once a member, a supplier can officially become an active Social Impact Sponsor within any county of the UK & Ireland.

Why not contact us today and find out more about how your organisation can join the Social Impact Register.

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