“More students than ever are reporting mental health conditions,” says the Office for Students (OfS).

Growing realisation now, is to put focus on student wellbeing as emotional fitness, not on mental illness..

The ResilientMe Initiative connects students across 11 regions, into our safe and supportive ResilientMe self-development environment…

Via mobile devices and local outreach they belong to a unique community of practice.

The initiative is built for social impact and connects-together Further Education and Higher Education providers, with business sponsors and social investors to provide funded student capability building – guiding students to manage their emotional safety and anxiety, and enhance emotional resilience.

A Digital Environment

The ResilientMe environment connects and engages student self-development locally, and across the UK through mobiles devices – 24/7 access to resources and expert facilitated activities, networking and coaching.

A Local Outreach

The ResilientMe environment is also embedded into universities and colleges, supporting digital facilitation of student self-development – face-to-face learning meetups, workshops and coaching sessions.

Everything is developed through a collaborative Mission Group


The ResilientMe Initiative Mission Group brings everything to life!

The Mission Group connects-together FE & HE providers, with businesses and social investors to provide a self-sustaining process of localised, digitally embedded student self-development.
The Mission: To champion student self-development, sharing ongoing impact research to further local endeavours to prevent student mental illness and to enhance employability.