The ResilientMe Initiative

A global approach that builds student Emotional Capital within a country. It connects businesses, social investors and academic providers within geographies, to open-up access to a dedicated student self-development community as a safe and supportive environment, within which to build measurable capability for Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience. 

The Mission

Connect students digitally and locally as a community within a region, country and globally.

Join businesses, social investors and academic providers together for geographic social impact.

Establish a student community of practice, with unique engagement metrics and insights.

Over time, nurture student capability that grows into measurable student Emotional Capital.

Deploy & share social emotional research with clear measurements of outcomes and impact.

Empower students to evidence a resilience and practiced attributes as a job market differentiator.

How Does it Work?

Within any country, the initiative utilises the ResilientMe community of practice and combines business and social investors into a Mission Group that fund mass student self-development within regional geographic areas.

The ResilientMe Community

Students connect-into the ResilientMe self-development community, digitally and locally to build the self-awareness and social emotional competencies for Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience.  


The Social Impact Register

Businesses, social investors and academic providers join forces within a country, providing the funding and strategic collaboration to drive mass capability building across student networks.

Social Impact Register