One in five students say that existing mental health support facilities are not helpful at all (source: YouGov).

Our international experience tells us that when it comes to tackling youth anxiety, Prevention is more effective and sustainable than Intervention!

In the UK, we’ve teamed-up with employers, students’ unions and non-profit organisations to provide a powerful self-development support initiative for students.

Our ResilientMe learning & development community now helps students build the capability to manage anxiety and ultimately prevent mental ill-health.

Anxiety, the real issue!

The Global Burden of Disease Study indicates that clinical anxiety currently affects  one in 13 people (7.3%).
Youth anxiety & depression has increased  by 70% in the past 25 years.

Support for 2.2 million students in 297 Further Education institutions.

Support for 2.3 million students in 167 Higher Education institutions.

A Student Self-Development Community

In January 2019, we opened-up our ResilientMe learning & development community to UK students; collaborating with employers, students’ unions and non-profit organisations.
This represents the UK’s first privately funded and uniquely collaborative, student self-development and support community.
Now, students can connect-into local and digital support which guides them to build the measurable self-awareness and social emotional competencies to manage anxiety and prevent mental ill-health.

A Digital Community

We provide a social learning platform, a mobile learning solution accessible to all and 50 times more engaging than using a traditional learning management system.

A Blended Support

We connect into students digitally and locally, facilitating learning & development through bite-sized content immersed into everyday life.

Measurable Impact

We track evolving Emotional Resilience, measuring social emotional competency development using ground-breaking longitudinal research.
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