We are building capability which will not only transform lives but continue to evolve, improve and make an impact!

Our Social Emotional Development Institute (SEDi) is a purpose built, collaborative and expert capability building structure within the SESA Ecosystem.

SEDi provides a unique learning & development structure which not only designs, but manages and quality assures learning & development across 3 continents. In collaboration with external subject matter experts, qualification development and accreditation bodies, and resources collaborators within FIVE dedicated Learning Zones, SEDi guides and nurtures capability building for members of our THREE communities of practice.

Over time, this improves individual and group performance by increasing and honing skills and knowledge within real-life environments, using the 70/20/10 Experiential, Social and Formal learning model.

Capability building is fully facilitated, digitally and through local outreach… 

We connect with and support member capability building through learning outreach deep inside communities, via workshops and group meet-ups.

About Local Outreach

We connect members through their mobile devices, whilst facilitating capability building with our expert partners through resources, content and activities

About Technology

To transform communities and ensure members make the impact needed, we provide unrivalled access to learning & development resources and support from respected international subject matter experts, trainers and practitioners.

Adverse Childhood Experiences

Born out of The ACEs Study in 1990’s, trauma-informed practice is one of the fastest growing fields and is directly linked to improving  child brain development and protecting nervous and immune systems. This dedicated Learning Zone connects members into the latest expertise, learning resources and support available.

Social Emotional Learning

We’ve teamed-up with leading US organisations to provide an expert-led environment dedicated to professional capability building, and excellence in the provision of Social Emotional Learning.


For this Zone, we’ve teamed-up with the leading practitioners to provide an expert-led environment dedicated to the ongoing practice of Mindfulness.


We’ve teamed-up with leading UK & US organisations to provide an expert-led environment dedicated to raising awareness of, and capability in the area of Autism.

Emotional Intelligence

We’ve teamed-up with leading Australian and US organisations, to provide an expert-led environment for the research, training and assessment of Emotional Intelligence.