Our learning outreach dates back to 2008, we now support capability building deep within countries across 3 continents.

Indigenous local learning support, provided through our trusted local delivery partners…

Within villages, towns and cities our partners are equipped to fully support capability building in local languages – all managed centrally via our accredited and quality assured “Trainer the Trainer” operation.  

Our digital environment establishes the online/offline access to our Learning Zones, resources and global expertise – enabling us to equip and update teams and help them enhance the member experience through a 100% blended support.

Local & Quality Assured

Since 2008, we’ve been refining our process of “Train The Trainer” through in-country partners, a quality assured learning support replicated within local surroundings and in local languages.

Blending Local & Digital

We deploy on-the-ground learning outreach to support capability building within countries, connecting this into our Learning Zones through our innovative technology.