We’ve adopted innovative business technology to connect members & stimulate shared learning across 3 continents!

Our partnership with Fuse has enabled us to embrace their technology to push resources and support into real-life environments, guide learning and stimulate content creation and sharing.

Our partnership with Fuse enables us to leverage their expertise and innovation, maximising member engagement and networking within each of our dedicated capability building communities.

Technology sits at the heart of the SESA Community

In 2018, we knew that technology was our secret component for growing our communities of practice. We trialed various technologies to test the levels of member engagement and to see how members could effortlessly work online and offline depending upon their connectivity or time limitations – making the whole learning experience hassle-free and enjoyable. 

Our decision to approach and then partner with Fuse in 2020, was based-upon our need for innovation and scalability, finding the Fuse platform combined machine learning and artificial intelligence, with beautifully-designed tools to enable our content curation, creation, and crowdsourcing.