Our learning outreach supports capability building on-the-ground across 3 continents!

To achieve lasting capability building over 3 continents, we know our members need indigenous learning support provided by local partners, in local languages. That’s why, over the years with our Learning Zone partners, we developed our “Trainer the Trainer” process to equip our local partners to support our members’ capability building. 

The evolution of our digital environment, has meant that we can establish online/offline access to our Learning Zones’ resources and expertise – enabling us to equip and update learning outreach teams and therefore enhance the member experience through a 100% blended support.

Local & Quality Assured

Since 2008, we’ve been refining our process of “Train The Trainer” through in-country partners, a quality assured learning support replicated within local surroundings and in local languages.

Blending Local & Digital

We deploy on-the-ground learning outreach to support capability building within countries, connecting this into our Learning Zones through our innovative technology.