Launched in March 2020, the Steering Group exists to provide the strategic development and operational oversight required, for the Ecosystem to meet all of the social impact objectives. 

Jay Baughan

Group Chair

Jay oversees and leads the strategic development, and all operational and commercial activities within the Ecosystem.

As the Founder & Chief Executive, Jay has in-depth knowledge of the structure, history and inner workings of the Ecosystem, which he combines with a 20-year corporate career experience and 12-years of international experience as a social entrepreneur. As the Steering Group Chair, Jay’s primary role is to ensure that the Group is effective in its task of setting and implementing the direction and strategy for the Ecosystem, to ensure the ultimate realisation of social impact outcomes that are set-out. Jay links the Steering Group into the day-to-day operations of the Ecosystem and publicly, he represents and presents the aims, policies and outcomes to the outside world.

Jon Kinnell


Jon provides the expert oversight across the key Sustainability element of the Ecosystem.

Jon’s specialist knowledge of the international charity sector and trends, proven skills in how to identify and build alliances with Charities and Social Enterprises, guides the development of Ethical and Social Financing and Philanthropy partnerships. His international career has seen him work with some of the most entrepreneurial and passionate individuals, families, companies and their advisors. Jon’s passion lays in partnerships and connectivity to achieve long term systemic, social, economic and environmental impact.

Dr. Andrew Holliman


Andrew provides the expert advice and an oversight across the Research element of the Ecosystem.

Andrew is a senior academic, chartered psychologist and Fellow of numerous prestigious societies and academies, he provides specialist knowledge of and enviable catalogue of research into children’s learning and development. Andrew provide us a unique research clarity and international gravitas; having enjoyed invitations to present at prestigious conferences with the Society for the Scientific Study of Reading, the British Dyslexia Association, the European Conference on Developmental Psychology, the British Psychological Society Developmental Section, and Harvard University, USA.

Sanjana Bhardwaj

Child Safety & Development

Sanjana provides specific and expert advice across the Structure element of the Ecosystem.

Sanjana’s three decades of specialist activity in the Middle East, Asia & Australia provides an enviable insight into social protection needs of vulnerable population groups. Sanjana leverages experience from strategic advisory services to policy makers and planners in government, non-government and UN agencies on child protection, disability inclusion and gender based violence issues, also from leading research in areas including child trafficking and exploitation; social services gap analysis; and social exclusion of marginalised people.

Abubakr Abdalla

Youth Worker Development

Abubakr provides specific and expert advice across the Communities element of the Ecosystem.

For 12-years Abubakr has played key roles in professionalising youth work in the Middle East and North Africa region. Founder of  the youth development enterprise Matsh, Abubakr also sits on a number of youth councils and federations in the region, and advises governments. He brings us a passion for capacity building and for establishing youth worker best practice that helps tackle the core issues affecting youth populations today.