The ResilientMe (Blue Light) Initiative Social Value Register

The Social Value Register was created to underpin the ResilientMe (Blue Light) initiative and uniquely support the UK’s police & emergency services.

It provides a neutral picture of social value sponsors and impact research. It lists all private sector sponsors actively supporting families and improving workplace emotional safety within the UK’s police & emergency services.

Addressing a very specific need!

The impact of mental health issues affects family and workplace…

In 2016/17 blue light employees in England & Wales took 696,000 days off sick for mental health problems – the equivalent of three days off a year for every single worker.

Figures show that ambulance services are the worst affected with 4.5 days off per employee, followed by police with 2.9 days, then fire and rescue services with 2.2 days per employee (but this may be skewed by high numbers of on-call firefighters).

Relevant & tangible social value… 

ResilientMe (Blue Light) is a collaborative social value initiative, established to equip 310,000 police & emergency services families with a heightened sense of self-awareness, a better ability to manage distressing emotions, an increased sensitivity to how others feel, and the capacity to manage relationships well throughout life.

Social value is aligned with recommendations derived from the UK’s National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE, 2005; 2018) and the MIND Blue Light Programme (2014-2019).

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Sponsorship-based social value…

Families are officially sponsored by brands, through the Social Value Register into the ResilientMe (Blue Light) initiative. This gives brand sponsors THREE distinct social value measures to present within public sector contract tendering:

National TOMs Framework: Social (Participating in the creation of Healthier, Safer and more Resilient police & emergency services communities). Sponsorship supports whole-family membership and capability building within the home and workplace; building the measurable capability for individual and group emotional safety & resilience.

Social Return on Investment (SROI): Reducing Workplace Sickness & Absence. Capability building positively impacts upon the workplace, through employee capability for personal emotional safety & resilience helping prevent sickness & absence from self-management of mental wellbeing and psychological safety at work.

Wider Social Value: Support for Blue Light Charities. 10% of all Sponsorship is donated to participating police & emergency services charities, creating  much needed revenue to fund wider support for blue light employees and their families.

Brands register a Bronze, Silver or Gold social value sponsorship…

The Social Value Register exclusively connects a brand into the ResilientMe (Blue Light) social value initiative, deep inside police & emergency services communities. Choice of Bronze, Silver or Gold sponsorship on the Register, connects a brand into real-time social value activities for 10, 50 or 100 families over 12-months.

National TOMs Framework – Social

Anonymised evidence of the collective family capability development in relation to a Healthier, Safer and more Resilient blue light family community.

Social Return on Investment (SROI) – Sickness & Absence

Anonymised evidence of collective employee capability building in relation to self-management of wellbeing and psychological safety to reduce sickness & absence.

Charity Donation – Support for Blue Light Charities

At source, the initiative donates 10% of all sponsorship collected and donates this to collaborating police & emergency services charities – providing sponsors with a wider social value statement. 

Sponsors calculate & position their social value against THREE public sector recognised measurements:

Capability building takes place within a unique digital community through mobile devices, which pinpoints, measures and analyses the social value process across groups of 10, 50 or 100 families.

Universal Analytics provide a validation of family engagement within real-time self-development activities, and the measurement of assessed competency development. 

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