No matter how large or small and regardless of their industry, community businesses must produce a social value which is strategically aligned and helps create a sustainable social impact…

The Social Impact Register exists as an enabling structure within counties across the UK and Ireland.


The Social Impact Register binds academic institutions, councils, civil society organizations, foundations and public sector services across a county, within a strategically aligned Social Impact Pledge. It then uniquely infuses business social value investment to establish a sustainable, research-driven process for collaboratively solving societal challenges within the county.  

Governmental Challenge!

The UK was at the forefront of negotiating the SDGs and will be at the forefront of delivering them. It lobbied hard to make sure the SDGs support the continuation of work undertaken through the Millennium Development Goals. “Our challenge is to keep this vision connected unflinchingly to a collective effort and action across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.”

The Solution!

The Social Impact Register re-engineers existing social value investment within a county, rather than looking for new investment. Siloed supplier social value investment within tenders for/operating within contracts is channelled within a single County Social Impact Pledge, which empowers and sustains defined and measured social impact, delivered by local social change teams.

Aligning focus, building collaboration driving joined-up
activity for social impact…

The Social Impact Register connects thinking, activity and social value investment to deliver tangible social impact across counties, regions and nations within the UK and Ireland.

The Social Impact Register creates a membership community made from businesses, academia, council/unitary authority, non-profit organisations and public sector bodies – all signatories to a clear Social Impact Pledge. Business social value sponsorship is developed and deployed into front-line activities set within a single digital environment – supporting and tracking activity, communication, reporting
and promoting everyone’s identity, vision and objectives.

Public & Third Sectors

Members connect with front-line teams inside communities, underpinning the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

Impact Alliances: the Social Impact Register contains an enviable portfolio of geographic public & third sector alliances.

Wider Social Impact: members connect into and support broad SDG related public & third sector activities within geographies.

Collective Impact: impact sponsorship connects members with the collective social impact achieved within geographies.

Dedicated Activity

Key community groups are supported by sponsors to build specific capability, brands and beneficiaries connect to deliver social impact:

Self-Development: adults & young people are guided to build their self-awareness & social emotional competencies .

Professional Developmentcontinuing, progressive capability building for early years & school teams, and youth workers.

Centres of Excellence: community settings are transformed into specialist centres for child emotional safety & development provision.

Scale & Reach

Membership provides an international listing and sponsorship creates an enviable brand visibility within a geography:

Digital Content: branded content is pushed into mobile devices and is visible globally across the SESA Ecosystem.

Briefings & Documentaries: impact sponsors become part of the updates and digital journies of those they sponsor.

PR & Media: regular insights and updates place sponsoring brands into the public domain within geographies.

Impact Sponsorship

Members directly sponsor defined community groups, supporting a specific capability building within a geographic area:

Geographic: a relationship between a brand and group capability building deep inside single or multiple geographic areas.

Targeted: building specific capability with key community groups, empowering them to lead social emotional development.

Relational: impact sponsors connect directly with the key community groups within a geographic area.

Social Value

Membership provides the solid evidence to public sector bodies of a company’s relevant social impact and value across a geographic area:

Creating: how the company creates healthier, safer & more resilient communities.

Buildinghow the company builds stronger & deeper relationships with the public and voluntary sectors.

Strategically: How the company engages & empowers key community groups to lead social emotional development.

Outcomes & Metrics

Sponsorship results in tangible social impact insights & metrics from ongoing capability building within a geographic area:

Within Education & Youth Work: pinpointing evolving child, adolescent & Youth social emotional competency.

Within the Community: pinpointing improvements in individual health & social care needs within beneficiaries.

Within Society: pinpointing the socioeconomic improvements on society from geographic social emotional development.