We’re standardising how counties define, measure and evaluate social impact within public procurement – channelling tens of millions back into communities for social impact.




The Social Impact Register™ represents a unique collaboration which provides counties with a single, transparent and academically validated impact structure.

Counties can centrally evaluate suppliers for their social impact when tendering for/operating within, public procurement contracts. 



How it works…


A County Pledge

Each UK county adopts our strategic Social Impact Pledge, signed by leadership across local government, public sector bodies, education and academia, health and social care. Everyone agrees to measure their supplier social value against our FOUR defined county social impact areas.


County Operators

Established local charities, foundations, volunteer groups and key front-line service teams benefit from how we collect supplier social value and channel this to them for their community development programmes/projects/services, set against our FOUR defined social impact areas. 

“We need this ethical framework that is open and transparent that we can all sign up to. I am hoping that the Local Authorities will see the wisdom in this approach.”

Cllr Danielle Stone (Chair, Audit Committee, Northampton Borough Council).

Our objective is simple..

Remove supplier self-investment and reporting of their social value and impact within counties.

Instead, provide counties with a central Social Impact Register which manages supplier social value within a standardised and academically validated process, then pinpoints individual supplier impact within this.

Built for scale, strategically & socially important…

Counties across the UK & Ireland, are now being supported to standardise how they define measure and evaluate social impact, and in doing so we deploy millions to help them achieve it. There are a number of key strategic and social benefits which counties can now access.

Digital Environment

Every stakeholder is connected within a digital community, where updates and insights help everyone track and engage into real-time social development activity within their geographic area.

Academic Validation 

The Institute for Social Innovation & Impact provides the rigorous measurement of social impact against FOUR areas, validating the social return on investment and supplier social impact.

Supplier Sponsorship

A unique UK approach registers suppliers and converts their social value spend into social impact sponsorship – then deployed to fund county operators geographically.  

Global Indicators

With the UK being one of the first signatories to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), counties are able to benchmark and report their social impact against an international standard.

Supplier Statements

Suppliers who are actively sponsoring social impact within counties, not only enjoy digital marketing benefits from their social spending and impact, but an annual statement validated by the University of Northampton.

Published Results

Strategically, politically and socioeconomically counties gain unique insights from the evolution of their social impact via academic research, which is also presented holistically to government to help shape policy and drive a deeper stakeholder engagement. 

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