Globally, we’re helping tackle the impact of Anxiety!

Global Burden of Disease study indicates that clinical anxiety is a serious global health issue, youth anxiety has increased by 70 percent in the past 25 years.

Youth Workers must play a central role in building youth capability for Emotional Safety & resilience.

A specialist global community dedicated to youth social emotional development

Qualification & Licensed Development Pathway

All community members have unlimited access to international expertise and resources to help them qualify, then build a licensed multi-disciplinary capability across FIVE domains; establishing licensed specialists in social emotional development practice.
This unique international youth work community is connected digitally, the latest in mobile technology guides on-the-job learning & development into qualification and onto quality assured continuing professional development.

A community supporting THREE specific groups

Foundations & Trusts

Building the in-house specialists and expertise to transform youth development.

Community NGOs

Enriching small volunteer teams to create a specialist provision.

Faith Networks

Creating specialist faith-centred community youth outreach.

A progressive journey to a licensed specialist capability


We created the world’s first dedicated qualification to specifically equip youth workers with the practical capability for establishing youth self-awareness, building their competencies for emotional resilience and providing the tools for achieving life goals.
Every new member joins our proprietary qualification process, progressive on-the-job learning & development which is facilitated over two-units and delivered through a 70/20/10 framework.
Exclusive Qualification: the Level 3 Award in Youth Leadership and Social Emotional Development Practice.

Our Qualification

Licensed Professional Development

Members then elevate their capability to that of a licensed specialist, through a period of continuing professional development to attain an international licensed status.
Continuing professional development spans all FIVE Learning Zone domains of social emotional development, establishing a licensed multi-disciplinary specialist capability. 
Members maintain their licensed status annually, through continuing professional development provided by our expert partner organisations within the Learning Zones. 

Our Unique Funding Model

Funding Vital Capability Building

Winning Hearts and Minds (WHAM) is the dedicated SESA operation which financially underpins capability building for Foundations & Trusts, Community NGOs and Faith Networks.
We’ve pioneered the way to build and sustain a vital Youth Work capability deep within countries across the world; uniquely connecting businesses and individuals into our #sesaYOUTH learning & development community.
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