Young people in Sudan make up 62% of the country’s population.

A quarter of youth living in urban areas and half of those living in rural areas are very poor. Many of them do not have the knowledge or the resources to start their adult lives in a productive way. Although their status is the key to Sudan’s future, all too many Sudanese youth remain in poverty, are ill-educated, unemployed, or in poor health.

Despite the large youth population, the participation of young Sudanese in social and political life is limited. Many Sudanese youth feel that there are severe limitations both on their influence in their families and communities and on their future possibilities.

In Sudan, approximately 10% of youth aged 12-14 years and 38% aged 15-19 years are married. Pregnancy and childbirth-related complications are the leading cause of death among adolescent girls, particularly in rural areas.

Sudanese youth also face other health risks and social problems, including substance abuse, smoking, unsafe relationships and exposure to sexually transmitted infections and HIV. One third of girls aged 15-24 years and almost one quarter of boys in Sudan are illiterate. (UNFPA)

Leading Middle East and North Africa organization Matsh Youth Development, has formed an Alliance with the SESA Community, to establish a national network of 11,000 youth worker specialists in Trauma-Responsive Youth Social Emotional Development Practice.

Running in Sudan between 2020 and 2028, this programme will create a professional development community with the licensed capability to positively interact with, and build a new capability for emotional safety & resilience within 13.2m young people by Dec 2033.

Join a dedicated national community within Sudan, here youth workers are building specialist capability… 

Here members elevate their status as they increase their professional development activities…

Purpose-built professional development Bundles are provided to members from within each of our FIVE Learning Zones, with 90% of learning time and activities being real-time and within work and community situations. 

In just 12-months members reach Gold membership status, with a multi-disciplinary capability and internationally licensed as a Specialist in Trauma Responsive Youth Social Emotional Development Practice.

Matsh is developing Community Alliance agreements with local youth NGOs to engage participants for sesaYOUTH (Sudan).

Matsh maintains good relationships with several Sudanese Youth Organizations.

The founder of Matsh Youth Development Abubakr Abdalla is also establishing the Sudanese Youth Council in different states of Sudan.

The Sudanese Youth Council is forming specialized teams for each of the youth issues, Youth and Health team is one of them which is focusing in promoting healthy lifestyle among young people in Sudan.

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