Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa with one of the largest populations of youth in the world, comprising 33,652,424 members…

One of the fundamental challenges facing the Federal Government of Nigeria – and at all levels of governance – is how to effectively mobilize the youth, harness their dynamism and potential, and meaningfully integrate them into the national development engineering. This problem has continued to be a major sociopolitical issue field in Nigeria.

Deep-rooted problems in Nigeria’s healthcare and welfare systems leave most Nigerians unable to get adequate mental health care or support in their communities. Stigma and misunderstanding about mental health conditions, including the misperception that they are caused by evil spirits or supernatural forces, often prompt relatives to take their loved ones to religious or traditional healing places.

Nigeria has fewer than 300 psychiatrists for an estimated population of over 200 million. Quality mental health services are available only to wealthier citizens who can afford it. The lack of quality mental health care and its prohibitive cost often drives people to consult traditional or faith-based healers.

Leading Nigerian NGO, the Yagazie Foundation has formed an Alliance with the SESA Community, to establish a national network of 11,000 youth worker specialists in Trauma-Responsive Youth Social Emotional Development Practice by 2028.

#sesaYouthNigeria is a community of practice within the main SESA Community Ecosystem. This provides a professional development process which leads youth workers into an internationally recognised licensed standard. As a collective, they will positively interact with, and build a new capability for emotional safety & resilience within 13.2m young people across Nigeria.

Join a dedicated national community within Nigeria, here youth workers are building specialist capability… 

Measuring the Impact!

Creating an 11,000 strong national community of specialists, who deploy their capability within local community projects and interventions, will have a specific impact upon the lives of young people they support.

To underpin the impact from this, dedicated longitudinal social emotional research is tracking and measuring the evolving capability in young people from Social Emotional Development practice.  

About Research

Here members elevate their status as they increase their professional development activities…

Purpose-built professional development Bundles are provided to members from within each of our FIVE Learning Zones, with 90% of learning time and activities being real-time and within work and community situations. 

In just 12-months members reach Gold membership status, with a multi-disciplinary capability and internationally licensed as a Specialist in Trauma Responsive Youth Social Emotional Development Practice.

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The sesaYouth collaboration enables the Yagazie Foundation to establish specialists nationally, who will provide young people with a sense of citizenship and community responsibility, provide activities that prepare young people for life and work, by combining and strengthening volunteering and social action to links to employment, education and training.

Yagazie Foundation empowers disadvantaged young people in Nigeria, to develop as individuals and enjoy new challenges through volunteering and social action whilst making a positive contribution to the community.

Across Nigeria the Foundation is building a national momentum that supports and develops young people from all sections of the community (especially those who are at risk of social exclusion through disability, mental health issues and economic deprivation). The Foundation has a strong background to ensure that all have equal opportunity to participate regardless of gender, religious and ethnic background, disability or any other factor that may result in discrimination and prejudice.

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