Supporting youth self-development within Africa, Asia & Europe since 2016

Life Skills camps carefully guide self-development over 12 weeks, an innovative blend of short workshops and ongoing digital facilitation provide structured Experiential, Social and Formal learning activities within the community.
We even track the evolution of individual and group social emotional skills development, through our international ECR Youth assessment tool.

Youth empowerment through self-development

30-years of international research confirms the clear value to young people from helping them to build their social emotional skills:


The ability to understand Emotional Needs and Recognise Personal Emotions within everyday situations to maintain self-confidence;


The ability to use Emotional Regulation and Rational Thinking to harness powerful emotions and manage varying levels of anxiety;


The ability to use Active Listening and form Emotional Connections with others, to communicate in a straightforward way;


The ability to be receptive to, and cope with changing circumstances by Opportunity Seeking, being Flexible & Open-Minded.

The Life Skills Camps Process

We form alliances with schools and youth projects to provide Life Skills Camps, which they then use to offer their young people a unique journey of expert-led self-development, and FOUR invaluable takeaways.

Month 1: Bronze Stage 

Self-development begins with a Bronze month, dedicated to exploring personal Emotional Needs and the social emotional building blocks which make-up Self-Awareness.
FIRST, an expert-led 2-hour interactive workshop sets-out the structure, followed by a month of self-development activities digitally facilitated by SESA experts through the local school/youth project team.  

Months 2 & 3: Silver & Gold 

Next is Silver self-development month. A 2-hr interactive workshop connects Self-Awareness with Self-Management, a month of digitally facilitated self-development activities create capability.
Month 3 is Gold. A final 2-hr interactive workshop adds-in Communication and Adaptability skills, with a month of digitally facilitated self-development activities to bring it all together.

FOUR invaluable takeaways!

Internationally accredited  certificate.

Globally benchmarked skills metrics.

A unique community membership.

Digital evidence portfolio of learning.

We uniquely support schools and youth projects across Africa, Asia & Europe.

We actively establish Community Alliance Agreements with school leadership teams and public/non-profit managed youth development projects.
This collaborative approach not only builds tangible life skills in young people aged 15 and over, but it helps Alliance partners present the social emotional research metrics to underpin the Return on Investment.

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