This proprietary SEDi international certification is accredited by the Institute of Training & Occupational Learning (ITOL); the UK’s only official institution totally dedicated to excellence in professional and personal learning & development.

This accredited learning, development and certification pathway is pushed into everyday life through mobile technology. Micro-learning progressively builds self-awareness and practical capability across 10 social emotional competencies. 
Daily facilitation guides Experiential, Formal and Social learning activities within real-life situations; with mediated Q&A and weekly learning assessments to track progress:
  • 3 Guided Learning Hours: daily alerts, guidance and supervision by tutor.
  • 12 Directed Independent Learning Hours: hours made up of independent learning activities (Experiential, Formal and Social –  including assessments).

Progressive Membership

Membership levels are set by progression through staged Personal Development:
Bronze – All new members start at Bronze level whilst taking their certificate.
Silver – Upon certification, members are upgraded to Silver level and continue Personal Development.
Gold – Successful completion of 20 hours of annual Personal Development takes membership to (and retains) Gold level.
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