Globally, we’re helping tackle the impact of Anxiety!

Global Burden of Disease study indicates that clinical anxiety is a serious global health issue, affecting one in 13 people (7.3%).

Anxiety & depression costs the global economy $1 trillion in lost productivity each year, and that youth anxiety has increased by 70 percent in the past 25 years.

We’re a global community, dedicated to personal development

Innovative Learning & Development Support

Our members can access expertise and resources across FIVE domains, powerfully equipping them for Emotional Safety & Resilience.
Everyone is connected digitally and locally, with resources and communication pushed through the latest in mobile technology.
Capability is built from within everyday environments, with facilitated Experiential, Social and Formal activities.

Supporting THREE groups

Focused adult self-development establishes leaders for Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Dedicated student self-development builds the capability to manage mental wellbeing

Blended facilitation establishes the FOUR key skills young people need in life and work.

A progressive journey to practical capability

First Build Strong Foundations

All members build a deep self-awareness and the social emotional competencies for Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Our proprietary learning, development and certification pathway provides a 3-module guided process to build a tangible capability; which is assessed and certified by a leading UK institute. 

About Certification

Continuing Personal Development

Our FIVE Learning Zones provide members with access to international expertise and resources which broadens self-awareness and capability over time.

Each Zone provides a dedicated portfolio bundled resources and access to the expertise which guides personal development each month. 

Our Learning Zones

We partner with businesses and philanthropy teams, to underpin the ResilientMe Community?

Our capability building campaigns are uniquely designed to provide mutually benefiting outcomes, which ultimately help our community to grow.
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