Globally, we’re helping tackle the impact of Anxiety!

Global Burden of Disease (GBD) Study indicates that clinical anxiety is a serious health issue all around the world, currently affecting one in 13 people (7.3 percent).

The World Health Organization found that anxiety & depression costs the global economy $1 trillion in lost productivity each year, and that youth anxiety has increased by 70 percent in the past 25 years.

A Dedicated Community for Emotional Resilience 

We’ve created a continual learning & development support for young people and adults. A learning & development community dedicated to building & nurturing the capability for emotional resilience.

Facilitated micro-learning & development is provided through mobile devices & desktop computers, with activities which blend into everyday life to progressively build capability.

This is progressive self-learning & development...

Connected through leading-edge digital technology...

Fully facilitated using every-day situations...

Internationally quality assured & accredited!

Annual Membership

Access to the #ResilientMe community is through payment of an annual membership fee

Every new member begins by establishing the core capability upon which to build their emotional resilience – taking the internationally certified #ResilientMe Foundation Course.

From there, certified members enter our Learning Zone to enjoy monthly self-learning & development activities, facilitated by our leading experts from across the globe.

New Intakes Each Month

Each month, across the world we open a new membership intake for young people and adults to join the #ResilientMe community. 

Individual membership can be either self-funded, or sponsored by an employer, educational setting or organisation. Each membership intake is immediately enrolled onto our next Foundation Course.   

The First 30-days: Building the Foundations

All new members automatically enroll onto our Foundation Course; a unique self-learning, development and certification pathway which established solid understanding and competence.

Members progress steadily through THREE modules, within a fully facilitated process of immersive micro-learning – led by SESA Founder Jay Baughan.

Nurturing Capability

Our learning & development support continues for all members, which broadens awareness and capability through micro-learning across our FIVE learning zones

Our international experts produce powerful resources and Q&A through webinar, podcast and video learning across a range of topic areas.

Individual Membership, Certification & Monthly Support.

(Group Discounts Available)

We create unique communities within our community!

Universities, colleges and community projects can support young people; creating a unique youth environment of learning, with the emphasis on community and fostering peer support.   

A stepping stone for youth work professionals to our international qualification and licensed status as a specialist in Youth Leadership & Social Emotional Development Practice.

Adults and young people are supported to build their capability for emotional safety & resilience, within a unique international environment of learning & development.

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