Our dedicated Research determines the social impact of our capability building, measured as the Emotional Capital in Young People…

Social Emotional Research is deployed over 3 continents to determine the social impact of our capability building within our THREE communities: IPA qualitative research provides insights into individuals and given local contexts, then quantitative research captures data on youth and adult competencies development for personal emotional resilience.

International Conferences

Since 2012 we’ve been actively sharing our unique insights with conference audiences across 3 continents, lifting the lid on the process of, and social impact from our specific capability building.

We bring cross-sector, international research findings and metrics to audiences keen to understand how to address serious health and social issues by focusing upon building Emotional Capital as the ultimate social value outcome.

Lecture Tours

We enjoy a close working relationship with academic institutions across Europe, Asia and Africa. This enables us to share our research within purpose designed lecture tours.

We help students and academics look-inside the SESA Community, to understand the make-up and operations of our Ecosystem, and see how dedicated social emotional research provides insights into individuals and given local contexts, and captures data on competencies development to build a complete impact picture.

Publications & Key Notes

Our Research Faculty members are accomplished research Fellows, senior members of Psychological Societies and sit on review boards across the world.

We regularly publish research articles and perform key note talks based-upon social impact through IPA qualitative research for insights into individuals and given local contexts, and quantitative research capturing data on competencies development.

Find out how our Social Emotional Research tracks the social impact of capability building across Europe, Asia and Africa….


We welcome interest from international agencies, public and third sectors for research collaborations…