“Half of all mental illnesses begin by the age of 14 and three-quarters by mid-20s, with Neuropsychiatric conditions being the leading cause of disability in young people in all regions.” World Health Organization

We need to focus upon building and measuring, the 10 social emotional competencies science tells us are the true indicators of emotional resilience in young people.

We're tracking the evolution of youth emotional resilience across the SESA Community

In 2012 we forged an exploratory partnership with RocheMartin, a respected world leader in the science and practice of Emotional Intelligence. They are true pioneers in the assessment and measurement, of 10 social emotional competencies which science tells us defines emotional resilience.
Their Emotional Capital Report (ECR) has been recognised the world-over by some of the most well-known businesses, as being the pre-eminent emotional psychometric assessment process to define, benchmark and identify competency development levels for Emotional Intelligence.
By 2017, following 5-years of field-testing the ECR within the SESA Community across Africa and Europe, we collected unique Normative Data for RocheMartin from young people aged 12 to 19 years. From this, they created for us, the ECR Youth; the first rigorous assessment and measurement of youth emotional resilience in the world.
“Emotions are involved with everything a person does and determine how well they manage themselves and adapt to the demands of life.
The value of our ability to manage our behaviour, along with the positive morale, engagement, and commitment will determine how well we live our lives. That’s why we call it Emotional Capital”

Martyn Newman PhD, Chair and Co-Founder, RocheMartin Group.

The science, rigor and structure of the ECR