Our dedicated Social Emotional Research tracks the evolution of self-awareness, and the social emotional competencies for Emotional Resilience within adolescents and young people across our SESA Community. 

New Insights & Metrics 

We’re providing powerful new human development insights & metrics, linked to adolescent and youth capability building taking place within educational settings and youth work.
Our ground-breaking evaluation of specific psychological development linked to Emotional Resilience, enables us to benchmark evolving self-awareness and social emotional competencies.    

Youth Emotional Resilience 

Our unique ECR Youth emotional psychometric assessment process, pinpoints specific development of Emotional  Resilience against a proprietary international normative database (from 12-years of age upwards).
We call this the Emotional Capital in Young People, which reveals invaluable insights by benchmarking social emotional development against a global youth database; pinpointing Emotional Resilience by age, gender, nationality and location.

Education & Youth Development

Our support for education and youth work teams across 3 continents, includes enabling them to track the impact of their capability building. We provide longitudinal assessments to validate their impact.
Periodic assessments provide a unique insight into SESA supported education and youth development, and sets an international standard for measuring human development within these young communities.

We welcome interest in relation to our research into the Emotional Capital in Young People….

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