We validate social impact geographically, as the socioeconomic value achieved through the structured process of capability building…

An Identified Impact

Over 20 years of international research affirms that countries who build social emotional skills across communities, see significant socioeconomic improvements. We see how citizens leading healthy and cohesive lives, lower the costs of physical and mental health, remove the burden of  family breakdowns and domestic violence, and reduce substance abuse, delinquency, and crime. 

From Defined Outcomes

To drive the Impact, we look at growing self-awareness and social emotional skills capability as defined Outcomes. Through educator, youth worker and parent members we look at evolving capability within their children, adolescents and young people over time, whilst also measuring the same capability within the guided self-development of young people and adults. 

Measured as Performance

We have FOUR performance measures which provide the tangible signs (indicators) that we are making progress towards our intended Outcomes. Each performance measure gives a specific quantity of outcome achieved, and helps us measure an absolute level of learning and competency attainment, levels of engagement into professional/personal development activities and individual perceptions of self-change. 


Capability Development

Throughout the learning & development process, we deploy formative and summative assessments, quizzes and tests that evaluate how much has been learned throughout the immersive self-directed development process.


Self-Perception of Change

We employ cross-sectional surveys to continually examine how our members perceive they have changed as a person, and group member, and how these perceived changes link to specific outcomes of the self.

Tracking Engaged Members

We track engaged rather than active learning, meaning that we want to track who engages with content and activities via their mobile device; such as liking, sharing, favouriting, viewing, and commenting on the rich learning resources we provide to members.

Competency Development

We determine the impact of our capability building by defining, measuring and benchmarking growing levels of self-awareness and the development stages across 10 social emotional competencies within Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Through Ongoing Activities

Two dedicated communities of practice guide and support professional development with educators and youth workers who are the leaders for child, adolescent and youth social emotional development. A third community of practice directly guides and supports the personal development of young people and adults.