Comprehensive social impact research is undertaken deep inside communities across 3 continents!

We collect qualitative research into individuals and their given local contexts, and quantitative research to understand the data behind individual engagement and development – reviewed by gender, age and geography.

Research methodology is composed of FOUR specific techniques…

This enables us to identify, select, process, and analyse the social impact from all capability building taking place within a geographic area:


Capability Development

Throughout the learning & development process with our members, we deploy formative and summative assessments, quizzes and tests that evaluate how much has been learned throughout the immersive self-development process.


Self-Perception of Change

We employ cross-sectional research surveys to continually examine how our members perceive that they have changed as a type of person, role player, and group member, and how these perceived changes link to specific outcomes of the self.

Competency Development

We determine the social impact of our capability building by defining, measuring and benchmarking growing levels of community self-awareness and the development of 10 social emotional competencies within Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Tracking Engaged Members

We track engaged rather than active learning, meaning that we want to track who engages with content and activities via their mobile device; such as liking, sharing, favouriting, viewing, and commenting on the rich learning resources we provide to members.

Our Core Interest from Research…

Since 2013, our core focus has been upon clearly identifying the positive impact upon young people from their exposure to enhanced personal development from the educators, youth workers and safe adults they are in daily contact with. 

This personal development is what we believe will empower young people to establish emotional safety within and around themselves, and manage levels of anxiety to prevent the slide-into mental illness.

Sharing Research…

We are collaborative and transparent, always looking to help shape social impact and human development strategy. We share our insights and metrics relating to the evolution of emotional resilience within the communities we support.