The SEDi Research Division monitors the evolution of emotional resilience, and the wider social impact from SESA capability building 

It collects key data and collaborates with academic individuals and institutions for research, within a proprietary SESA community environment spanning Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Leading The Way 

The SEDi Research Division is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, connecting into the SESA Community through a comprehensive international network of research outreach posts, which in turn are connected into public, private and third sectors within countries.

It is creatively resourced through a mix of students/ internships from partner academic institutions, project teams – working on termed contracts – and a core team of SEDi staff based inside communities around the SESA Community.

Global Capability Building 

The key element of each SESA capability building programme across the world, is the evaluation of competency development; the growth of competency across a specific set of 10 social emotional skills, and the formal attainment of certification/qualification.

The Research Division provides the tangibility element for individual and group capability building, to demonstrate the Return on Investment.

Evolving Emotional Resilience 

Human Development activity needs to capture invaluable insights related to the evolution of Emotional Resilience; specifically from the age of 12 years upwards. The definition, measurement and metrics to identify levels of social and emotional competencies for Emotional Resilience.

The Research Division operates a proprietary emotional psychometric assessment process to pinpoint and then benchmark competency against a global youth normative database.

Collaborative Global Research 

With unparalleled reach into education, faith and social networks, as well as hard-to-reach youth communities across the world, the objective is to identify the wider impact from capability building within countries.

The Research Division actively collaborates with academic individuals and institutions for innovative research partnerships, focused upon Human Development and Socioeconomic impact.

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