Give our SESA community a taste of who you are!

Becoming a sponsor, embeds your brand into powerful capability building programmes which transform Emotional Safety & Resilience within the heart of communities.

A sponsorship relationship firmly establishes your brand with enhanced educational provision and the creation of specialist networks of young leaders.

We put you in the spotlight! 

Programme sponsorship creates a branded experience for the communities taking part, leaving no doubt who is behind the powerful change taking place… Your brand is everywhere.

As with TV show sponsorship, we make the brand association about the action; in our case the powerful transformation of Emotional Safety & Resilience within the heart of a communities.

Sponsor a Cohort Group

Dip your toe into our sponsorship water, put your brand against a key community programme through one of the monthly cohort groups.

Sponsor an educational setting, faith centre, NGO team or even a community centre to fully establish their professional capability.

Sponsor Multiple Cohort Groups

Project your brand nationally within a country, sponsor communities within a programme for ongoing monthly cohort groups.

Sponsor a network of educational settings, faith centres, NGO teams or community centres to fully establish their professional capability.

Our Footprint of SESA Programmes

SESA is supporting communities across 4 regions of the world, enabling sponsors to embed their brands into specific programmes within the countries they seek to develop: 

We welcome contact in relation to PluggedIN and how sponsorship works around the world….

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