We partner with trusts and foundations to establish community capability for Emotional Safety & Resilience

Our partnerships focus upon supporting key community groups and sustainability.

First we establish the local expertise to act as community resources; education groups, youth and community leadership groups.

Then, we support local learning and development which cascades knowledge and builds wider capability deep inside communities.

We’re establishing professional capability for Child Emotional Safety & Development, transforming settings into accredited Centres of Excellence.

We’re enriching youth development, by establishing networks of qualified and licensed specialists in Youth Leadership & Social Emotional Development practice.

We’re empowering young people and adults to build a deep self-awareness and the social emotional competencies for Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Immersive Learning & Development

Regulated & Accredited Internationally

Digital Learning Communities

We evaluate the impact of capability building

We provide tangibility to philanthropic sponsorship, by evaluating the social emotional development impact..

Our dedicated Social Emotional Research support provides partners with a unique insight and metrics, from the benchmark and evaluation process of youth social emotional development; emotional resilience by Age, Gender and Location.

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