Countries feel the socio-economic impact from children and young people that are (or have been) experiencing emotional & physical abuse/neglect or exposure to domestic violence, substance abuse and mental health issues.

Angel Philanthropy is a vital piece to the SESA strategy globally: “crowd-funding large pools of private capital from philanthropic sources to address one of the world’s most critical socio-economic problems.” 

Global research is pointing to the social and economic affects from escalating levels of child and youth trauma – from mental/physical health, to anti-social and risky behaviour, to crime and exclusion.  

Across the world, social and economic issues are being linked-back to a lack of Emotional Safety & Resilience within communities. 

The Mission:

In over 20 countries, SESA has forged strategic Alliances with key community groups, through which countries can build a national capability for Emotional Safety & Resilience

SESA is linking angel philanthropy with these community Alliances to collaboratively establish and nurture, grass-root capability to enhance child and youth Emotional Safety & Resilience. 

A global SESA philanthropic network, is measurably changing the human dynamics affecting the socio-economic story within countries/regions across the world.  

PluggedIN is led globally by SESA founder Jay Baughan. He regularly presents our SESA story to audiences around the world.

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