Since 2012, we’ve been developing a unique way to build membership and sustain the SESA Community across 3 continents

It’s our dedication to Community Alliances which grows the SESA Community.

In 2012 we forged our first Community Alliance in Nigeria, which saw hundreds of young people from the Presidential Niger Delta Youth Amnesty programme welcomed into the SESA Community.
Since then, we’ve replicated this process to build alliances with the public, third and private sectors across Africa, Europe and Asia.
Each Community Alliance provides membership access to the SESA Community for adolescents, young people and adults; entering one of our THREE dedicated learning & development communities.
Our membership grows with each Community Alliance, together we build real capability and transform Emotional Safety & Resilience within cities & villages, schools, universities and social projects.

How it works…

Discuss needs

Sign an Alliance

Welcome new members

It’s our innovative approach to Sponsorship which sustains the SESA Community.

We pioneered the use of Angel Philanthropy and Sponsorship Marketing partnerships to offer SESA Community membership and capability building to the masses; linking this to tangible social impact and winning of hearts & minds.

We partner with foundations and trusts, to help them achieve tangible and lasting social value; plugging them into our SESA Community. 
This collaborative, sponsored approach builds the local capability needed to deliver real change. 

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We partner with brands to provide them an enviable visibility and tangible social value; this is sponsorship marketing which connects brands deep into hearts & minds. 
Campaign sponsorship places brands within any of our THREE unique learning & development communities.

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How it works…

We connect partners into collaborative Membership & Social Impact campaigns!

Our unique Sponsorship approach connects Angel Philanthropy and Brand Marketing partners directly into specific capability building & impact Campaigns within Africa, Asia and Europe.
Through our Bronze, Silver and Gold sponsorship partnerships, we provide a unique visibility and tangible Return On Investment through research-based Social Impact; partners can directly support educators and youth workers as well as adults, young people and adolescents within high profile campaigns.