We connect philanthropy and marketing together for social value

Make your impact through PluggedIN 

Across 3 continents, our Angel Philanthropy and Sponsorship Marketing partnerships are plugged-into powerful change within education, youth work and families.
This is establishing Emotional Safety and building new capability for Emotional Resilience.

We connect partners into dedicated Social Value campaigns!

Our unique Social Value Sponsorship approach connects Angel Philanthropy and Sponsorship Marketing partners directly into specific capability building objectives within Africa, Asia and Europe.
Our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Principal sponsorships give partners a unique visibility through the support for educators, youth workers and adults, with a tangible association to our social impact.

TWO Partnership Channels

In 2014, we launched PluggedIN to help us build and sustain capability on 3 continents.
Our TWO dedicated channels enable us to build the solid relationships which deliver mutual benefit to all – ensuring the SESA Community evolves.
We partner with foundations and trusts, to help them achieve tangible and lasting social value; plugging them into our SESA Community. 
This collaborative, sponsored approach builds the local capability needed to deliver real change. 

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We partner with brands to provide them the social value sponsorship marketing, which connects them into hearts & minds. 
Brand placement within our THREE unique international learning & development communities.

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