We’ve uniquely connected into Africa, Asia & Europe through mobile devices and local learning outreach…

It took us 10 years to establish the SESA Community; starting by building localised learning outreach provision on THREE continents, then connecting this together within a digital platform.
Today, we provide long-term learning & development within communities through a blended mix of learning outreach and mobile technology.

We purpose built the SESA environment.

Since 2012, we remained constant to our vision and core offering, but have adapted to the changing community needs and challenges we’ve encountered.
The world of learning & development and limited financial resources means the SESA Community has to be relevant and nimble; reaching even the remotest of communities.

We’re embedded deep inside communities.

We connect into the fabric of communities, through the Community Alliance partnerships we establish with Public and Non-Profit Sectors, Faith Networks and Community Leadership.
This opens-up access to our THREE learning & development communities to build and nurture new grassroots capability.

We operate strategically and collaboratively.

We connect capability building into the community needs of each country we support; an evolutionary approach which is strategically managed by forming collaborative local Steering Groups.
Steering Groups ensure that learning & development remains relevant to the community needs and national challenges, and also maintains a learning governance to protect the social investment being provided.