Partnering with Trusts and Foundations to build capability and make a lasting impact!

Angel philanthropy goes far beyond donations, it takes a deep and long-term view of what it means to solve global and/or local problems.
Through PluggedIN we forge Angel Philanthropy relationships which connect Trusts and Foundations into communities, together everyone builds and sustains the professional and parental capability needed to support children and young people to measurably build the competencies for emotional resilience.

Community Emotional Safety & Resilience

Angel Philanthropy connects into professional and parental capability building which spans FIVE domains of social emotional development.
Our FIVE collaborative and expert-rich learning zones, bring the very best in resources and support to establish a multi-disciplinary capability within education and youth development provision; which then supports the wider capability building of children, young people and adults. 

3 Learning & Development Communities

Purpose designed capability building campaigns within each of our 3 learning & development communities, utilise Angel Philanthropy to sponsor long-term professional and parental development.
The SESA Community represents a unique environment which supports learning & development for 3 specific communities across the world; establishing the core capability and then support the development of multi-disciplinary capability. 


Tangibility sits central to capability building and impact.
Our dedicated Social Emotional Research operation tracks the evolution of child and youth emotional resilience; providing unique longitudinal insights and metrics (holistically by Age, Gender and Location).
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We welcome relationships with Trusts and Foundations.

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