We forge philanthropy partnerships which measurably build capability and make a deep impact on lives!

We believe that Angel Philanthropy is the way to go far beyond donations; collaborating with individuals and organisations to take a deep and long-term view of what it means to tackle the core issue within every society – emotional insecurity and un-managed anxiety!
Making a powerful and lasting social impact!
Membership & Social Impact Campaigns are carefully designed, to progressively build capability and achieve tangible social impact. Angel Philanthropy partnerships provide the sponsorship which transforms youth work and education provision to equip children and young people to manage their anxiety, and also help adults to build the self-awareness and social emotional competencies for personal and family emotional safety & resilience.

A unique environment, within which we build and nurture practical capability deep within countries we support.

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THREE categories of Angel Philanthropy… 

1) Trusts/Foundations: these partnerships are based-upon specific strategic objectives, often establishing capability within existing projects.
2) Crowd Philanthropy: these partnerships are with philanthropy clubs/networks, collectively sponsoring capability building within one/many of our dedicated campaigns.
3) Individual Philanthropy: these individual partnerships establish sponsorship within one/many of our dedicated campaigns.


Tangibility sits central to capability building and impact.
Our dedicated Social Emotional Research operation tracks the evolution of child and youth emotional resilience; providing unique longitudinal insights and metrics (holistically by Age, Gender and Location).
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Angel Philanthropy partners can connect-into any Social Impact Campaign within Africa, Asia and Europe.
They can even help us design and launch their own!
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