Through an enviable network of Country Partnerships and Community Alliances, SESA represents the world’s largest collaborative community of like-minded professionals focused upon building grass-root capability for Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Strategic & Operational Partnerships

What propels SESA internationally is the quality of the partnerships and alliances which carry the initiative deep into communities across 4 regions of the world.

A comprehensive network of Country Partnerships take SESA into countries, where it connects into and supports capability building for non-profit community groups. 

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Unique Portfolio of Expertise

Within the global SEDi learning, development and research infrastructure sits partnerships with some of the most respected experts across FIVE domains of social emotional development.

This uniquely collaborative environment of expertise, resources and support is deployed digitally and locally into communities across 4 regions of the world

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A Dedicated Global Team

Behind SESA is a dedicated team of specialists, business leaders and community influencers from across the world who have joined-forces, to provide the leadership and operational management required, to ensure the initiative achieves the scale and impact required. 

Hubs in Dubai, the UK, Ghana and Malaysia provide robust
mechanisms for the internal quality assurance of training
delivery and internal assessment processes; centrally
monitored and managed by the SEDi internal audit process.

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