Enhance Provision, Establish National Credentials

Establish a holistic, internationally certified professional capability; staff development spanning 5 key areas of Social Emotional Development.

Position your setting nationally as a recognized and quality assured Centre of Excellence in the provision of Child Emotional Safety & Development.  

Seamless Staff Certification & Ongoing CPD

Individual & team professional capability building within working environments, aligned with holistic changes to culture and practices.

Learning & development on the move, digital and local facilitation opens-up access to experts and resources when convenient and required. 

Fully Supported, 3-Stage Transformation Process

A progressive, fully supported transformation process guides and nurtures settings; from initial capability building onto Centre of Excellence status. 

Every setting builds-up and refines practical capability over 3-stages, being elevated in status as they become established and accomplished.

Purpose Designed Support, Uniquely Sustainable

SESA supports settings over the long-term, sustaining capability and enhancing provision through a Membership platform.

Membership for settings is uniquely designed, blending operational sustainability with leading-edge professional development.  

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