Discover the power of Social Impact Sponsorship…

PluggIn is a unique brand social impact structure and service to utilise…

Marketing teams can easily connect-into any target geographic area, then plug their brand into thematic social impact activities being delivered by a collection of charities and voluntary groups who are transforming their communities.

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Make PluggIn Part of Your Strategy…

Establish a unique community connection, profile and tangibility for your brand within target markets.

Taking-up a PluggIn membership and strategically deploying social impact sponsorship, not only enhances your brand visibility and grass-root credibility, but makes it a central part of trusted social impact activities across target geographies. 

Marketing Operations…

Marketing teams can generate powerful brand social impact metrics, linked to real-life stories provided from within ongoing 3rd sector activities – all achieved by simply re-engineer your existing budget to turbo-charge your brand engagement results. 

Each team can enhance their outputs, connecting their brand into a whole geography, the activities taking place. and capture impact research that can sit behind powerful social impact stories.

Annual Membership

PluggIn is a membership structure, simply join the Social Impact Register® for £1,500 (+VAT) per year.

Connect Your Brand

Membership then opens up access for you to identify the geography, and social impact your seek to support, we then connect you into a network of local 3rd sector operators. Then you can establish your brand social impact strategy with us.

Social Impact Sponsorship

Once your strategy is in place, you can choose what level of social impact sponsorship you want to deploy: we award Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum status according to your annual spend.

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