We’re a global membership community!

The SESA Community spans Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Members enjoy access to purpose created learning & development resources and support; we’re dedicated to building and maintaining real capability for emotional safety & development.

We’re connected through mobile devices and community outreach!

Learning & development is immersed into everyday community life!

Membership Levels

We link membership levels to competency development; starting with a base certification and leading into continuing personal/professional development (CPD).

This helps every member to broaden their capability!

Learning & Development by Community

We link membership levels to specific learning & development communities; creating the digital and local networks which help establish and nurture specific competency.

This helps every member to broaden their capability!

Adults and young people within work and domestic environments.

Teaching and early years teams within education/care environments.

Youth workers and influencers within youth-facing environments.

Individual Membership

Anyone can become a member, simply select the community you want to join…

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Group Membership

We partner with employers, philanthropists and brand marketeers to create group memberships…

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