Jay Baughan is an international social entrepreneur and Fellow of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning, a former corporate leader with a 20-year blue-chip career.

Globally, he’s addressing the specific social emotional development limitations directly hindering cohesion, social change and emotional safety deep inside communities.

Since 2008, Jay has focused entirely upon addressing the social impact of emotional insecurity and un-managed anxiety – starting in Europe, Africa and then Asia.

Jay set-out to build specific capability within education and youth work to transform lives for children and young people. Over 10 years, his journey ended-up creating a full-scaled capability building ecosystem to meet the demand and challenges faced over 3 continents.

Always with the end in mind, Jay navigated significant financial and sector specific engagement challenges- learning over time that people actually see capability building as a training commodity process, rather than a sustainable learning & development process.

Jay traveled extensively on 3 continents at his own expense, to create the SESA Community and refine its FOUR unique elements; forging alliances and partnerships that enable us to reach deep into communities, whilst marrying the best in science, practition and technology.

In 2019, Jay started to expand and scale-up the SESA Community. He designed capability building Campaigns with public and third sector alliances, which connect-into Angel Philanthropy and Brand Marketing partnerships. This rapid scale-up enables Jay to lead the largest capability building support of its kind for Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Jay’s 10-year Mission

Having worked collaboratively and creatively for 10 years, in 2019 Jay joined-forces with individuals and organisations to take things to a new level – setting off to build member numbers on 3 continents, and make a measurable social impact by December 2028.

Public Speaking 


Jay is a popular international conference and TEDx speaker, lifting the lid on unique insights from Social Emotional Research within our Community. His entertaining style provides audiences with a unique perspective into the evolution of professional and personal capability building. 

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