Since 2008, Jay Baughan has been following a vision and leading a collaborative process, that has established a unique social impact solution…

The SESA Community Ecosystem

“Build a specific capability within young people, and you truly empower them”

Experiencing significant Adverse Childhood Experiences, Jay Baughan spent 40 years lost to emotional insecurity and un-managed anxiety.

In 2008 he set-out to help young people, building capability to prevent the same fate and life impact.

Over the next 12 years, Jay navigated a world journey that has resulted in a structured capability building activity and Ecosystem spanning 3 continents.

The Ecosystem development timeline:

It began by creating a Social Emotional Development Institute.

Over 4 years, Jay built relationships with experts across the world, creating a Structure to design progressive self-development processes for students, employees and families within Europe.   

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Expanding from Europe into Africa, 3 capability building communities.

Expanding to Africa with the social emotional development institute structure, Jay created dedicated capability building communities for educators, youth workers, individuals & families.

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To measure the impact of capability building, dedicated research.

With the world talking about youth mental health, Jay teamed-up with RocheMartin for measurement & benchmarking of evolving youth social emotional skills.

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A 3-strand element to underpin capability building.

Having forged Community Alliances across Europe, Asia and Africa since 2012 Jay created a unique sustainability model to reach-into countries and underpin capability building.

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Want to hear the story ?

Jay is a popular international conference and TEDx speaker.

For audiences he reveals unique insights from Social Emotional Research within our Community. His entertaining style provides audiences with a new perspective into the evolution of positive social impact through the lens of collaborative capability building.