An established social entrepreneur, Jay Baughan is globally addressing specific social emotional development limitations directly hindering cohesion, social change and emotional safety deep inside communities.

Jay began creating SESA in 2012, over time he has blended vision, tenacity and value-based collaboration with entrepreneurial principles to not just design, but rigorously establish SESA. Across Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia Jay now leads the expansion of this seamless community capability building and research initiative.

About Jay Baughan

Jay is a dedicated husband to a very loyal and supportive wife, and is a committed father to a wonderful and compassionate daughter. As a small family team, they have lived through the very difficult years of establishing SESA.

For those who meet him, Jay’s passion for the subject and purpose of Emotional Safety & Resilience is palpable, and infectious.

He has established a multi-subject knowledge, which he combines with 40 years of lived experience relating to Emotional Safety & Resilience. He spent 4 years building trusted relationships with some of the most respected experts in the world of social emotional development to create resources which are now channeled into SESA. It is through all of this, that he deploys the capability building to support individuals and groups to navigate adversity, whilst maintaining cohesion and emotional health throughout.

Jay is no longer a businessman, but uses his commercial acumen and deep business experience to pioneer and sustain his vision. Jay collaborates with talented and experienced people to deliver SESA into the hands of communities; leading the expansion and sustainability of SESA within a 10 year plan.

Public Speaking & Commentary


A popular international speaker and commentator, Jay lifts the lid on SESA’s social emotional development within real communities; audiences enjoy fascinating insights into Emotional Safety & Resilience from around the world.

This is helping individuals and institutions to consider a new rationale for focused Angel Philanthropy; to ultimately underpin society and help countries achieve a new Emotional Capital in Young People.