Since 2008, Jay’s been leading the collaborative process of shaping capability building communities to tackle the devastating effects of emotional insecurity and un-managed anxiety.

Having spent 20-years designing and leading change management solutions in Europe, in 2008 Jay took a natural step-over into independent learning & development.

Over 4 years Jay designed, tested and refined a process to guide self-development with students, employees and families within Europe.   

In 2012, Jay was engaged by the Federal Government of Nigeria to utilise this process within a structured support for youth reintegration within their Niger Delta Amnesty Program. He then spent 3-years developing activities within West Africa, whilst continuing to support capability building within Europe.

By 2015, Jay had forged collaborative partnerships with global organisations to establish a learning & development infrastructure he named the Social Emotional Development Institute – SEDi; using this to refine and expand capability building in the Middle East in support of education and youth development.  

The next 4-years saw Jay dedicate all of his time, energy and available resources travelling between the 3 continents, creating the 4 elements needed for a single digital and localised environment. Whilst supporting capability building inside countries, he was forging community alliances with the public and third sectors to reach larger numbers – digitally and locally; developing ways to sponsor memberships by forging partnerships with philanthropists and brand marketers.

Finally in 2019, Jay went public with a 10 year social impact mission and the SESA Community Ecosystem within which to achieve it…

Public Speaking 


Jay is a popular international conference and TEDx speaker.

For audiences he reveals unique insights from Social Emotional Research within our Community. His entertaining style provides audiences with a new perspective into the evolution of positive social impact through the lens of collaborative capability building. 

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