An established social entrepreneur, Jay Baughan is globally addressing the specific social emotional development limitations directly hindering cohesion, social change and emotional safety deep inside communities.

Jay Baughan is a former corporate leader, who for 20-years operated at the forefront of the emerging retail and e-commerce markets.

In 2008, Jay left corporate world, entering private practice and began a 4-year journey to develop a new approach to building and supporting emotional resilience across large groups.

In 2012, Jay was engaged by the Nigerian Federal Government to create a solution to enhance youth vocational training and reintegration within the Presidential Niger Delta Amnesty Program.

Creating & Building the SESA Community

Whilst in Nigeria, Jay began to forge links with local NGO’s and international foundations operating within West Africa. He identified the clear need to enhance education and youth development provision, equipping educators and youth workers to tackle clear issues with child and youth Emotional Safety & Resilience. 

Between 2015 and 2018, Jay established collaborative partnerships with leading international experts in the fields of Emotional Intelligence, Social Emotional Learning, Mindfulness, Autism and Adverse Childhood Experiences & Trauma. 

Jay traveled extensively within Europe, Africa and western Asia field-testing capability building through NGOs, faith networks and community groups – adding mobile technology, research and qualifications to the portfolio of his support. 

The Social Emotional Development Institute (SEDi) was born.

A 10-year Mission

By 2018 Jay had established a learning, development and research environment to support 3 continents, providing a sustainable way to build the grassroots capability to establish much needed child and youth Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Jay officially launched the 10-year SESA Community initiative to expand his work, and reach more people.

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Public Speaking & Commentary


A popular international speaker and commentator, Jay lifts the lid on SESA’s social emotional development within real communities; audiences enjoy fascinating insights into Emotional Safety & Resilience from around the world.

This is helping individuals and institutions to consider a new rationale for focused Angel Philanthropy; to ultimately underpin society and help countries achieve a new Emotional Capital in Young People.