Learning, Development & Research

To build and maintain community capability for social emotional development, learning & development needs to be comprehensive and as flexible as can be.

SEDi is a purpose developed infrastructure to support community learning and development digitally and locally. It provides unrivaled access to FIVE learning zones which can be reached via mobile devices and also within local SESA centres of excellence.

SEDi enables communities to learn when they can…. even on the move!

Digital: a powerful online world hosts FIVE learning zones; each provides channels for e-Learning, Videos, Webcasts and Podcasts. Experts share their latest thinking, answer questions and build powerful learning materials. All available via a mobile device!

Local: local support for learning is via SESA centres of excellence and Local Delivery Partners; who facilitate learning and development on the ground. SEDi even bring-in the learning zone experts to meet everyone.

Local Support

SEDi is embedded into countries within Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia.  

Local support deep within communities is through Local Delivery Partnership (LDP) relationships, specifically created local expertise which manages quality assured learning and development in local languages and shaping delivery to the full extent of the community’s circumstances.

Digital Resources & Support

The world revolves around Video, Social Media and Instant Messaging. SEDi uses a fantastic digital structure to deliver and support learning & development within countries.

Each SEDi learning zone utilises a range of FOUR channels to help members learn on the move; opening up access to resources and support they need to build practical capability:

Video Channel

The world loves to watch videos to learn! So, SEDi provides a Video Channel within each learning zone, loaded with great interviews, thought-provoking insights and learning aides. This is a great way to better understand subjects and follow favourite experts.

Podcast Channel

Listening when travelling or when relaxing is a great way to learn! SEDi provides a Podcast Channel within each learning zone to support those who like to listen and learn. Podcasts cover interviews, expert blogs and thought-provoking insights, and even learning aides within online courses.

Webcast Channel

Virtual and live learn is the future! SEDi provides virtual classrooms within each learning zone. A Webcast Channel brings together learners with experts, via a virtual classroom session; and include a “catch-up” facility.

Online Learning Channel

Online courses help create a solid and validated capability! SEDi provides an Online Learning Channel within each learning zone. This hosts and manages all aspects of accredited and regulated qualification pathways, to ultimately establish tangible capability.