Enhance and sustain your community activities, within a new type of support environment…

Since 2008, the SESA Ecosystem has been uniquely supporting community charities, NGOs and voluntary groups across the world. 

We’re a community interest company ourselves, providing these important teams with the environment and resources which underpin their projects/programs and help them collectively achieve measurable social impact around them.

It’s all about impact partnerships, which create long-term sustainable social impact within FOUR thematic areas – linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We’ve even pioneered a unique social impact sponsorship mechanism!

Our PluggIn Fund is a first-in-kind social impact sponsorship mechanism, with a Social Impact Register™ which connects brands with 3rd sector activities deep inside communities. 

We establish geographic social impact sponsorship that underpins projects/programs over the long-term, binding everyone into achieving measurable results.

Connect into a powerful support environment..

Joining the SESA Ecosystem and becoming an Impact Partner, costs you nothing.

We want you to focus upon what you do best within your geographic area, targeting your expertise and resources into a specific social impact over the long-term, deep inside your communities.  

Pinpoint Social Impact

We help you channel your activities and measure them against specific social impact within your geographic area.

Digitally Connected

Our digital environment connects you into the SESA Community to showcase your activities to our portfolio of social impact sponsors.

Partner for Sustainability

Our objective is to help you develop, improve and scale-up your activities over the long-term within your areas, to sustain what you do. 

There’s no catch, we exist to enable social impact through our impact partners on the ground…

Any registered charity or NGO is welcome to join the SESA Ecosystem, we also welcome voluntary groups. 

To become an Impact Partner, all you need to do is complete this Contact Form.

Once you’ve done that, we’ll take it from there…

Please let us know where you operate your community projects/programs
We have FOUR specific social impact areas we support, please tell us which is your main focus