SESA centres of excellence are specialist community environments which have been equipped to improve social emotional skills before children start school, and during the school years as a way of supporting children and young people’s wellbeing and readiness for adult life

SESA Education is a global programme, dedicated to supporting countries to transform educational settings into centres of excellence in Child Emotional Safety & Development.

Within each country, the programme provides a national learning, development and qualification environment; which nurtures how settings transform their culture and build a quality assured capability.

A 3-stage process supports the transformation process, enabling settings to play a central role in the social emotional and academic development of children and young people within the local community.

National Environment

Within a country, our SEDinstitute provides the national learning, development and qualification environment which hosts internationally acclaimed expert individuals and organisations spanning: Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Trauma, Autism, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Mindfulness.

This gives the programme a unique arrangement of expertise, resources and support which guides staff through initial Certification, and then through Continuing Professional Development (CPD) which builds practical capability within working classroom environments.

Four Digital Channels: accessible via fixed or mobile devices – online courses, video & podcast learning and webworkshop learning (with catch-up facilities);

Local Events: unlimited access to regular CPD events which strengthen practical capability building and are led by proven subject experts.

A setting undertakes 3-stages of transformation within the programme, to become a Centre of Excellence.

SESA manages this process within a membership structure, which fully supports an entire staff team to first establish and then maintain, a quality assured professional capability.


Bronze Stage: Establishing Certified Understanding

Settings start the journey as a Bronze member, to begin their transformation into a Centre of Excellence.

Staff undertake a 4-part Certification process, the entire staff team builds a broad professional understanding of child emotional safety & development. Learning, development and certification is seamless and complimentary to every day school life.


Silver Stage: Refining Practical Capability

Once 90% of staff have successfully achieved certification, the settings becomes a Silver member. 

Silver members spend a minimum of 12-months refining their provision, with all certified staff joining expert-led SESA Continuing Professional Development (CPD); purpose designed to build deeper subject awareness and refinement of staff practical capability.


Gold Stage: Refining Practical Capability

Gold membership is awarded to a setting which demonstrates a minimum 12-months operating at Silver membership level; all certified staff undertaking a minimum of 20-hours or more of CPD. 

Gold membership is retained through the CPD process, where staff maintain a minimum of 20-hours of SESA-led CPD annually and are re-certified. Settings enjoy national and international recognition as a Centre of Excellence, invited by SESA to seminars and conferences to showcase their settings and provision of child emotional safety & development.

Becoming a SESA member within a country is both affordable & stratightforward

Membership is specifically designed to support settings of every size and need, with costs which reduce as the setting progresses and transforms into a Centre of Excellence.

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