In February 2017, SEDi and RocheMartin launched a global assessment of the existing social emotional skills (SES) within over 3,000 young people aged 12 to 17 years old  –  across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

This represented a world first in assessing and measuring the specific competencies which make up Emotional Resilience in young people; providing comprehensive metrics and insights linked to youth Self-Awareness & Self-Management, Social Skills and Resilience – measured by age, gender & location.

This invaluable youth data became the normative data sets which launched the world’s first Emotional Resilience benchmark tool to establish levels of social emotional skills by Age, Gender, Location and Nationality.

Emotions are involved with everything a young person does and determine how well they will manage themselves and adapt to the demands of life. The value of their ability to manage their behaviour, along with the positive morale, engagement, and commitment will determine how well they live their lives.

Lead-edge Benchmark of Youth Emotional Resilience.

There are many ways of benchmarking youth development, but by far the most credible and compelling way is to benchmark specific emotional and social competencies using a high-quality psychometric assessment tool.

RocheMartin’s Emotional Capital Report (ECR) is the scientifically developed psychometric, which has been developed to use SEDi’s global normative data. SEDi now deploys the tool within a support service to benchmark developing youth social emotional skills from age 12 years upwards. This reveal powerful new insights and metrics, spanning 10 social emotional skills competencies, clustered as: Self-Awareness & Self-Management, Social Skills and Resilience. Based on these scores, we can then provide powerful coaching strategies and a road-map for building youth emotional resilience.

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