We’re the Social Enterprise model of the future…

Contrary to popular belief, profitability and positive social impact can live side-by-side. It is possible to build a successful company which is totally focused upon doing good.

As a “for-profit social enterprise” we embed a clear social impact mission directly into our business model. It’s our commercial tenacity and focus on growth, which is our means for greater impact.

THREE ways our “for-profit social enterprise” is the model for the future: 

Self-Sustainable: We generate revenues as a social enterprise, creating significant opportunities to grow – we control our own density.

Commercially Agile: We actively forge commercial partnerships, each crafted to encompass greater impact directly correlating to profit.

Globally Scalable: We actively collaborate across sectors and continents, forging alliances and partnerships focused upon scale & impact.

Our social enterprise didn’t happen accidentally, it took many years of tenacious development and commitment!

We spent years creating the SESA Community as an impact Ecosystem, to provide a dedicated environment within which to deliver THREE specific capability building objectives, and serve a primary social impact purpose over 3 continents.

Everything we do is collaborative, from the alliances and partnerships we operate across the world, to the way we engage with and support our members.

The SESA Community Limited (registered in England & Wales 11372206), is an internationally focused, for profit social enterprise. 

Find out more about our back-story, how we came into being…
Meet our founder Jay Baughan, the driving force behind everything…