Our community supports THREE specific groups of youth worker:

As members of the community they volunteer within, these youth workers can make a powerful and long-term impact supporting young people.

Within a geography, part-time youth workers move from project to project, but the impact they can make on every young person they meet is vital. 

Youth workers employed within public and third sector teams, make a vital impact being present for young people within community interventions.

Membership builds & nurtures practical capability!

Our community exists to provide youth worker members with unlimited access to the international expertise, resources and support needed to establish a multi-disciplinary capability spanning FIVE key domains.

This unique community connects with members digitally and locally, using the latest in mobile technology to guide on-the-job learning & development – quality assured continuing professional development (CPD).

Structured Professional Development

Members elevate their membership as they increase their CPD activities; moving up from Bronze, to Silver and onto Gold status.

Purpose-built and relevant CPD Bundles are provided to members from within each of our FIVE Learning Zones; helping them to establish multi-disciplinary capability. 

In as little as 12-months, members can reach Gold member status, licensed as a Specialist in Youth Social Emotional Development Practice. 

Youth Work & Social Impact

We collaborate with public and third sector leadership to establish collective capability within any NGO, Social Enterprise or network of projects/programmes by establishing a Provider of Excellence standard.

Once 80% of front-line youth workers reach Gold Membership status, we recognise the organisation as being a Provider of Excellence in Youth Social Emotional Development Practice.

Within any country, this establishes a much needed quality standard and sustainable resource through which to prevent devastating social impact of  youth mental ill-health.

Internationally Accredited and Grounded in Research

All learning & development is provided within the SESA Community Ecosystem, through a unique partnership structure with leading organisations from across the world. Each membership development stage enhances the professional capability and status, and is accredited by respected and subject expert institutions.

Longitudinal research will track the impact of professional development through the lens of youth social emotional development; provided as competency development for the 10 social emotional skills of Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience..

We’re building networks of licensed specialists within countries, between 2020 to 2028…