Tens of millions of young people globally have lived with/are living with considerable and prolonged toxic stress at home…

20-years of research into Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) confirms that toxic stress from sustained domestic/social adversity can disrupt brain development and compromise functioning of the nervous and immune systems. Young people who have faced ACEs, experience un-managed anxiety which can lead to serious problems such as alcoholism, depression, eating disorders, unsafe sex, HIV/AIDS, heart disease, cancer, and other chronic diseases.

A Youth Worker Community of Practice!

We recognise the key role youth workers play at the frontline of societies globally, so we created a community of practice to build a specific capability and support them in making a significant social impact.

All members are given unlimited access to the international expertise, resources and support needed to establish a multi-disciplinary capability spanning FIVE key domains. This unique community connects with members digitally and locally, using the latest in mobile technology to guide on-the-job learning & development.

Structured Professional Development

Members elevate their membership, as they increase their CPD activities; moving up from Bronze, to Silver and onto Gold status.

We guide members through THREE stages of professional development to reach Gold member status, creating licensed specialists in Trauma-Responsive Youth Social Emotional Development Practice. 

National Networks & Quality Standards

Once 80% of front-line youth workers within an NGO/project reach Gold Membership status, we recognise their organisation as a Provider of Excellence in Youth Social Emotional Development Practice.

This establishes a national quality standard and sustainable resource, dedicated to preventing  youth mental ill-health.

Community youth workers & Social Impact!

Impact Research

We track and evaluate all member professional development, everything is accredited by respected subject experts and awarding body institutions.

Longitudinal research tracks the impact of professional development within a country, measuring youth competency development across the 10 social emotional skills of Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience.

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We’re collaborating for scale and impact between 2019 and 2028…

Through our impact alliances and partnerships, we’re establishing large-scale capability building to transform communities across Europe, Asia and Africa.

Click on each of the continents below, to see how we’re scaling capability building – within community settings, schools, universities and colleges: