Our community supports THREE specific groups:

From within community projects and schools, members are digitally and locally supported for their self-development. 

A digital self-development environment connects members together across geographies, with a local outreach support.  

Self-development support provided digitally and locally for members, in collaboration with local employers and charities

Membership builds & nurtures practical capability!

Our community exists to provide members with unlimited access to the international expertise, resources and support needed to establish self-awareness and the capability for Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Members are connected digitally and supported locally, using the best in mobile technology to guide in-real-life self-development for a measurable practical capability.

Ongoing Self-Development

Everything begins with our proprietary Foundations Phase; a fully facilitated self-development process embedded-into daily life that sets the ground upon which we build.

From there, our ongoing and interactive monthly #TalkResilience activities provide members with a powerful support to practice and build practical capability within their everyday situations and environments. 

This digital community connects into local environments, creating a uniquely supportive way of living and learning. 

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By the way, we measure the impact of capability building too…

Since 2013, we’ve been pioneering the way to measure evolving self-awareness and the competencies within emotional resilience – pinpointing competency development through the use of ground-breaking assessment and benchmarking tools…

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