A self-development community launched in 2016, building practical capability!

After 2-years of testing the ResilientMe community opened for members in 2016, providing unlimited access to the international expertise, resources and support needed to establish self-awareness and the capability for Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Members across Europe, Asia and Africa are connected digitally and supported locally, using the best in mobile technology to guide in-real-life self-development for a measurable practical capability.

FIVE dedicated learning zones provide a collection of experts, resources and support that members access to build their capability.

Self-development activities are facilitated within everyday environments & situations, through mobile devices and locally through expert outreach.

Continual Self-Development

We begin with building the Foundations, a proprietary micro-learning process which is fully facilitated each day and embedded-into daily life.

From there, we continue encouraging the community to continue learning and practicing, but also to network and share their experiences. The interactive monthly #TalkResilience series supports members with a powerful range of resources, coaching and expert Q&A that helps build practical capability within their everyday situations and environments. 

We measure the impact of capability building too…

Since 2013, we’ve been pioneering the way to measure evolving self-awareness and the competencies within emotional resilience – pinpointing competency development through the use of ground-breaking assessment and benchmarking tools…

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We’re collaborating within purpose-designed capability building initiatives, between 2019 and 2028…

In 2019 we began developing strategic collaborations with public and third sector partners, to support capability building for tens of thousands of adolescents, young people and whole-families. 

By 2028 across Europe, Asia and Africa the ResilientMe community will have supported these initiatives and made a measurable impact upon the families and communities they serve.