Our community supports THREE specific groups of educator:

Our members know that it’s crucial their very young children start understanding emotions, within emotionally safe settings

Our members seamlessly provide both the academic and social emotional development support their pupils need to thrive.  

Our members are starting their career by establishing the professional capability for seamless social emotional learning.

Membership builds & nurtures practical capability!

Our community exists to provide members with unlimited access to the international expertise, resources and support needed to establish a multi-disciplinary capability spanning FIVE key domains.

This unique education community connects with members digitally and locally, using the latest in mobile technology to guide on-the-job learning & development – quality assured continuing professional development (CPD).

Structured Professional Development

Members elevate their membership as they increase their CPD activities; moving up from Bronze, to Silver and onto Gold status.

Purpose-built and relevant CPD Bundles are provided to members from within each of our FIVE Learning Zones; helping them to establish multi-disciplinary capability. 

In as little as 12-months, members can reach Gold member status and accredited for Excellence in Child Emotional Safety & Development Provision. 

Education & Social Impact

We collaborate with education leadership to establish collective capability within a setting, or network of settings – by establishing a Centre of Excellence standard.

When 80% of a setting’s frontline (child facing) staff reach Gold Membership status, we recognise the whole setting as being a Centre of Excellence in the provision of Child Emotional Safety & Development.

Within a country, this establishes a much needed quality standard and sustainable resource through which to prevent devastating social impact of  mental ill-health.

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By the way, we measure the impact of our educator capability building too…

Since 2013, we’ve been refining the way to measure evolving self-awareness and the competencies within emotional resilience – which we call the Emotional Capital in Young People…

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