We are building capability which will not only transform but continue to evolve, improve and make an impact!

Across geographical areas we’re building the capability that can prevent the long-term health & socioeconomic impact of mental illness!

Three dedicated Communities of Practice provide a unique capability building environment across geographical areas; providing the resources, international expertise and blended support to transform Education and Youth Work provision, whilst guiding mass self-development inside countries.

This capability building then acts as a catalyst to prevent child and youth mental illness; creating the heightened sense of self-awareness, a better ability to manage distressing emotions, an increased sensitivity to how others feel, and the capacity to manage relationships well throughout life.


A self-development community guiding individuals to build the self-awareness & competencies for Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience.

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A professional development community establishing a multi-disciplinary capability to provide Child Emotional Safety & Development.

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Youth Workers…

A professional development community establishing the multi-disciplinary capability for Youth Social Emotional Development Practice.

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See how we support capability building within each of our Communities of Practice; digitally and through local outreach…