Our three dedicated communities of practice are each dedicated to building & nurturing capability that will tackle the socioeconomic impact of toxic stress within countries.


A self-development community guiding individuals to build the self-awareness & competencies for Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience.

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A professional development community establishing a trauma-responsive capability to provide Child Emotional Safety & Development.

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Youth Workers…

A professional development community establishing the trauma-responsive capability for Youth Social Emotional Development Practice.

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Embedded into daily life…

Each community of practice helps members all across the world to build and refine their capability within every day environments, everything centres around learning, practicing and reflecting – locally or globally within the community. 

Everyone is digitally connected

Members of each community are connected-together through their mobile devices, able to create and share their own content or work with the wide range of resources provided.

Communities operate in real-time, with social learning taking place across continents.

Real-life situations and insights turn-into invaluable video tutorials or chat threads, adding real value to the experience.

What’s happening within our communities?

Preparations for outreach in Sudan and Nigeria

March 2021 saw us begin the training of workshop facilitators in Sudan and Nigeria, ahead of the planned roll-out of the sesaYouth (Africa) programme to transform 22,000 youth workers into trauma-responsive specialists for West and North Africa. 

UAE Students welcomed into the ResilientMe community

March 2021 saw us launch a pilot for students within the UAE – established with UAE non-profit organisation The Emirates Safer Internet Society (aSafe) and the UAE’s Higher Colleges of Technology (which has over 23,000 students).

UK Students welcomed into the ResilientMe community

February 2021 saw us launch a fully sponsored access for students within 11 regions of the UK – through an impact collaboration between social investors and regional businesses. The UK has over 4.4 million students in further & higher education.

UK police & emergency services families continue to join the ResilientMe community

Since launching ResilientMe (Blue Light) in September 2019, over 200 police and emergency services families from within 9 regions of the UK, have entered the ResilientMe community – especially important during the long covid 19 lockdown.

Educators in 6 countries are being welcomed into the sesaEducation community

Preparations are being made to welcome early years and school teams in 6 countries, to join the sesaEducation community ahead of larger numbers and another 4 more countries during the rest of 2021.