Empowerment Through Social Emotional Development!

We help communities build the capability for Emotional Safety & Resilience, creating awareness and competency across 5 key domains.  

Our expert-designed national programmes help communities to establish social emotional development specialists, and provide a robust support for community self-learning & development.

Internationally regulated programmes create & support national networks of qualified specialists in social emotional development.

A unique continual professional development process, managed within an internationally accredited structure, supports providers, educators and young leaders.

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ResilientMe is a powerful self-learning & development programme, deployed into communities. 

Available for young people and adults, a seamless mix of experiential & social learning builds the competencies for Emotional Resilience.

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Our Footprint of SESA Programmes

SESA is supporting communities across 4 regions of the world, enabling capability building through a specific range of national programmes: 

We welcome contact in relation to community capability building and how it all works….

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