Launched in September 2019, this is the UK’s largest social value collaboration to uplift capability within 310,000 fire, police and ambulance families…

An alliance with the National Fire Chiefs Council opened-up our ResilientMe community, then created a regional collaboration across the UK’s police & emergency services. Today, this provides families with sponsored membership of our self-development community; guiding families to progressively build self-awareness and the competencies needed for Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Family resilience is not just about weathering a storm!

It’s about enriching relationships and making family members more skilled at coping with future stresses. Social emotional resources for resilience can be built within a family unit of unique individuals, to empower them to navigate circumstances, and stressful dynamics.

Families can build capability to hold everything together…

Our unique community is helping blue light families to build a sense of common purpose and mutual interdependency. Families learn to support each other and care about emotional safety, so that when one falls back or needs help, the others will step forward.

This way, the resilience of the blue light family unit trickles down to each individual, empowering each family member to participate in the resilience.

Since 2008

The ResilientMe community opened in 2008, and has been providing individuals and families with an embedded self-development process ever since.

Digital & Local

Progressive self-development takes place inside everyday life, facilitating family activities within a powerful digital community.

Unique Support

The community provides a unique access to our international experts and resources, with a continual flow of guided activities to work with.

Measuring the Impact

Our dedicated Social Emotional Research tracks the social impact!

We use qualitative research to understand transformation insights from families, and consider given local contexts.

From there, quantitative research captures skills development and community engagement data, to create metrics for a complete impact picture.

Family access via employers, unions & charities.

Every blue light family can gain membership, fully sponsored access to the ResilientMe community through blue light employers, unions and charities.

Family Sign-up

The Social Value Act uniquely underpins this collaboration and impact…

The Public Services (Social Value) Act 201 requires Police, Fire and Ambulance bodies to consider how the services they commission and procure, might improve the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the area.

Any organisation supplying the public sector, or wishing to support their local police and emergency services families can collaborate. The initiative presents recognised and relevant social value from any sponsoring organisation, and uplifts the brand value locally and nationally.

We connect employers, suppliers and local businesses together for social value…

The initiative’s Social Value Register joins private with public sector. High profile sponsorship positions social value, and extends to traditional brand marketing to position brands with blue light families, the workplace and even within regional media activities and conferences. 

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