We created a collaborative social value initiative to directly support the UK’s police and emergency services in maintaining wellbeing.

The ResilientMe: Blue Light Initiative enables blue light employers, unions and charities to support a collective UK workforce of 315,000 employees and volunteers; a fully sponsored access to our ResilientMe community to build self-awareness and the measurable competencies for personal emotional safety & resilience.

A community within a digital community...

This initiative provides a dedicated blue light self-development community within our ResilientMe community; a dedicated digital environment and an embedded mobile learning approach.
Self-development is progressive over 12-months, pushed into everyday life and work environments through experiential, social and formal learning activities.
Entry is through a Family Membership, providing a step-by-step pathway into self-awareness and the practical competencies for personal emotional safety & resilience.

Measuring the impact...

Our proprietary self-development process is grounded in a robust academic and research structure, this validates self-development and measures the individual impact.
Everything is tracked, from the type of content consumed (what, where and how) to understanding and the percentage of completed actions within a week.
We deploy a cutting-edge emotional psychometric assessment, which rigorously pinpoints development stages over 10 specific social emotional competencies.

A uniquely collaborative approach...

Collaboration across the public, non-profit and public sectors is a vital component to successfully delivering and sustaining this initiative.
To reach a combined workforce of 315,000 employees and volunteers, we created a collaboration platform for leadership, union and charity team across the UK police and emergency services.
To sustain the initiative, and connect-in the many suppliers of common goods and services to play a part in this support, we created a sponsorship marketing operation linked to relevant social Value.
We took a different, more commercial view to the sustainability of the Initiative.
By examining the procurement process and market, in line with the Public Sector Social Value Act 2012, we saw a clear opportunity to unite public and private sectors, leveraging the annual spend of £2 billion on common goods and services.
Sponsorship marketing establishes a collective “crowd-funding” which is visible to police and emergency services procurement teams as validated social value – directly linked to the wellbeing of the UK’s blue light community.
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