A Dedicated Learning, Development & Research Environment

We’ve forged a unique network of community alliances across Africa, which enable us to reach adults and young people and provide the environment within which to build the capability for Emotional Safety & Resilience. 

We’re building capability with TWO community groups:

A pan-African approach to transform education settings into Centres of Excellence in Child Emotional Safety & Development. 

Our  fully regulated certification and CPD pathway establishes a holistic capability, across THREE core disciplines of Child Emotional Safety & Development.

This robust transformation process guides staff to achieve an international standard of provision and Centre of Excellence status.

About #sesaEducation

A pan-African approach to establish internationally licensed specialists in youth leadership & Social Emotional Development practice. 

Our  fully regulated learning, development and qualification pathway establishes a specialist practical capability, across FIVE core disciplines of Social Emotional Development.

Qualified specialists are then licensed, joining our international alumni and maintaining competency within structured continuing professional development.

About #sesaYOUTH

We’re researching youth Emotional Resilience:

Pan-African research in collaboration with academic individuals and institutions, lifting the lid on evolving youth Emotional Resilience.

We mobilise ground-breaking evaluation of the specific psychological development and evolving Emotional Resilience in young people.

Our rigorous emotional psychometric assessment benchmarks 10 social emotional competencies  and reveals evolving Emotional Resilience from age 12 years upwards.

About SESA Research

We support African communities in THREE unique ways!

We’re establishing philanthropy links with educational settings, NGOs and Faith Groups to build specialist capability.

We’re helping Public, Private & 3rd sector teams establish the internal specialist capability to boost their operational impact.

About PluggedIN

We offer brand sponsorship deep inside communities, helping community alliance partners to build specialist capability.