Building New Capability Across Africa

SESA Africa is the largest, self-managed initiative for creating a specialist youth leadership and educational capability within communities; to fully support wider Emotional Safety & Resilience.

This is a network of 19 Country Partnerships, which connects SESA into invaulable Community Alliances with NGOs, Faith Networks, Traditional Leadership and Foundations. Together, they are creating a new alumni of 26,600 specialist youth leaders, and transforming 3,450 community education settings into local SESA centres of excellence. 

A committed Steering Group, made-up of some of Africa’s most tenacious and influential leaders, guides SESA Africa to adapt and adjusts to the real-life limitations and needs of millions of African communities. 

3,450 Educational Centres of Excellence by 2023

Within West, East and Southern Africa SESA is supporting the transformation of  3,450 education settings into centres of excellence in child emotional safety and development.

120,750 teachers, teaching assistants, carers and student teachers have access to our #sesaEducation programme within Africa.

By 2023, an estimated 1.8m children and young people will directly benefit from daily exposure to emotional safety at school, whilst being taught to improve their social and emotional skills as a way of supporting their wellbeing and readiness for adult life.

#sesaEducation is an evidence-based qualification pathway which equips educators and support staff to play a central role in the social, emotional and academic development of children and young people; also transforming education settings into SESA Centres of Excellence.

120,000 Specialist Youth Community Leaders

We’re providing NGOs, Faith Centres  and Community Groups across Africa with a 10 year support to establish 120,000 young people as qualified leaders in social emotional development practice. Within their communities, we provide a unique qualification programme, giving Africa a powerful youth-centred capability to influence Emotional Safety & Resilience within every corner of community life.

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10 Years Support

SEDi Founder, and SESA creator Jay Baughan is working directly with philanthropists and brand marketers to create powerful sponsorship opportunities. He’s taking them right into heart of Africa through SESA’s education and youth leadership development activities.

He’s personally leading a 10-year roll-out of SESA into Africa, connecting partners and community leaders, with philanthropists and brand marketers to build a powerful new African capability – for future Emotional Safety & Resilience.  

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