SESA Founder Jay Baughan, identified an international need for communities to be equipped with the capability and resources, to build emotional safety and resilience within and around them.

The challenge was, how to support a whole country to establish, nurture and then sustain such capability deep within communities.

Jay identified the need to create a very particular and scalable learning, development & research infrastructure, which could easily embed into any country to carry-in the required expertise and resources required, to robustly build and nurture a practical capability. 

In 2015, work began to design and test the Social Emotional Development Institute (SEDi) within the UK, Ghana and finally the UAE. Today, the SEDi infrastructure coordinates capability building through 5 Regional Hubs.

Learning & Development

Learning & development is provided across FIVE domains of Social Emotional Development; dedicated learning zones for Emotional Intelligence, Childhood Trauma, Autism, Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness.

Learning zones host some of the world’s most respected experts and organisations within a single collaborative environment; represented globally as ONE seamless digital and local support infrastructure.


The final pillar within the SEDi infrastructure is research; capturing and evaluating data, to present unique insights garnered from capability building within SESA communities.

A dedicated Research Division exists to gather the evidence of competency development, and provide social impact insights linked back to the new support for community Emotional Safety & Resilience.

In creating the division, Jay first established a partnership with world leaders in emotional intelligence and emotional psychometric evaluation RocheMartin; to collect data directly linked to evolving capability and holistic emotional resilience. He then established a faculty of leading academics from institutions across Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe.   

More about the Research Division