Social Entrepreneur Jay Baughan identified the need for communities across the world to be equipped and supported to build emotional safety and resilience within and around them.

The challenge he faced was how to establish, nurture and sustain such capability deep within communities across the world. He recognised the need for a very particular, scalable learning, development and research infrastructure.

His vision being, to embed SEDi into a country to provide a dedicated infrastructure within which communities would access the expertise, range of resources and local support needed to build and nurture valuable human resources.

In 2015, Jay began the design and testing of the Social Emotional Development Institute (SEDi) within the UK – moving to Ghana and the UAE in early 2016.

SEDi evolved into a learning, development and research infrastructure of multiple learning & development zones spanning FIVE domains of Social Emotional Development: Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Social Emotional Learning, Trauma and Autism.

Learning zones host some of the world’s most respected experts and organisations within a single collaborative environment; represented globally as ONE seamless digital and local support infrastructure.

Specialist Research

SEDi deploys community a unique research within communities which measures, evaluates and publishes insights into the evolution of youth Emotional Resilience.

Using a scientifically developed psychometric tool, used by multi-national corporations to measure elite leadership capability, SEDi provides countries with credible and compelling metrics linked to evolving youth emotional resilience; benchmarking a specific set of social and emotional competencies.