Our Ecosystem provides a unique environment and resources, international expertise and blended support.

Impact alliances with public and third sectors deep inside countries, are putting into place professional capability within existing schools and youth work teams, and directly supporting individuals and families inside communities.

Across 3 continents, we're creating a heightened sense of self-awareness, a better ability to manage distressing emotions, an increased sensitivity to how others feel, and the capacity to manage relationships well throughout life.

How we sustain the Ecosystem Our capability building communities How we measure impact How we facilitate capability building

How we sustain the Ecosystem

Find out how our Ecosystem is sustainable - see how we connect, commercially operate and scale as a social enterprise within countries... Click Here

Our capability building communities

Visit our capability building communities - see how each community of practice works, to build and nurture a vital capability... Click Here

How we measure impact

Find out about the FOUR areas of research we focus upon to measure impact within a geographic area/demography... Click Here

How we facilitate capability building

Find out how capability building is mobilised - see our dedicated institute and 5 learning zones, plus the digital and localised facilitation... Click Here